What Is The Best Time To Send Email Marketing in 2023?

What Is The Best Time To Send Email Marketing in 2023?

Apr 07, 2023

AudiencePoint Team

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If you’re running email marketing campaigns in 2023, you may be wondering about the best time to send out your campaigns. The time you send emails is important because you want to reach subscribers when they’re most likely to engage with your content.

This article will help answer that question by reviewing the best days and times to send email marketing content in 2023. You’ll also get some ideas on helpful resources to boost your email marketing strategy. 

What Is The Best Day Of The Week To Send A Marketing Email?

One of the things you’ll want to know when picking the best time to send marketing emails is the day of the week when consumers are most likely to engage. 

Several studies have been done on email engagement on different days of the week. They’ve found that the middle of the week tends to work best. According to the data, the best days to send email campaigns would be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 

The middle of the week works well for the average consumer, since it is the middle of the average work week. Many people actively check emails during the work day. 

That means if you send your marketing email content at this time, it’s more likely the average consumer will see it and interact with it. 

Is Friday A Good Day To Send Emails?

Friday is not one of the top days to send email content. Friday doesn’t work as well because most people are getting ready for the weekend. Many people check out a bit on Friday or even avoid looking at emails because they’d rather leave them until Monday. This leads to less engagement for all types of content. 

However, if you need to send out a marketing email, sending it on Friday would be better than over the weekend. The weekend is typically the time when emails get the least engagement

If you’re going to send emails on Friday, it’s usually recommended to send them earlier in the day. A good time range would be from 9am-12pm. This gives consumers enough time to see the email and respond before they get to the end of the day. 

What Is The Best Time To Send A Marketing Email In 2023?

Speaking of the optimal time to send emails, you may also wonder what a good general time range is to send new email content. Research has found that the middle of the day is usually when consumers are most engaged. That optimal timeframe would be from 9am-3pm. 

Is It Better To Send An Email In The Morning Or Afternoon?

Since the optimal time to send emails spans from morning to afternoon, you may also wonder which would be a better time to send new content. The morning will work better in most cases. 

Sending in the morning gives consumers time to see the email and consider whether they want to take action on your offer. If you’re looking for a response or to have someone follow a call to action, sending emails earlier in the day could be the best bet. 

Is It Unprofessional To Send Emails After 5pm?

You may also wonder if the cutoff for the optimal time to send emails at 3pm signifies that sending after 5pm is unprofessional. In the marketing world, that really isn’t the case. There isn’t a professional or unprofessional time to send new content. 

Most consumers won’t think much about what time you send new content. It’s a bit different than work-related emails, where you wouldn’t want to email your boss, co-workers, or employees after normal work hours. 

Your Audience Matters The Most When It Comes To Email Send Times

Knowing a general time when consumers are most likely to engage is great. However, the data from studies on this topic isn’t always accurate for every consumer. Those who work different schedules like third shift and weekend shifts, or even sub-categories like stay-at-home moms, will have vastly different times when they’re most likely to engage with email content. 

To really find the best time to send email marketing content, you’ll want to have data specific to your audience. If you want help finding the best send times for your subscribers, AudiencePoint is an excellent option. 

How Audiencepoint Can Help With Your Email Marketing Strategy

AudiencePoint’s email insight software will help you optimize your email marketing strategy efficiently. AudiencePoint’s tools are easy to implement, which give you actionable insights on improvements you can make. AudiencePoint will provide:

  • Information on the best send days and times to send to individual subscribers. 
  • Second-party data on when each of your subscribers is most likely to engage.
  • Steps to identify and re-engage inactive subscribers. 
  • Steps to optimize content for segmented groups of your email list. 
  • Identification and isolation of Apple MPP opens from reporting. 

AudiencePoint provides you with all this data and more in a way that is easy to understand. Contact us today for more information about how AudiencePoint can help simplify your email marketing strategy in 2023.