What is email engagement?

Radically Increase
Email Engagement

Email marketing is the top revenue-driving marketing channel, and email engagement is the most important KPI of email marketing. AudiencePoint’s Email Engagement Optimization solution provides game-changing insight that lets you reach your unengaged subscribers while they are active in their inboxes.

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Reach your subscribers when they’re in their inbox

Our second party data pool identifies when your unengaged subscribers are active in their inboxes so you can deliver your most important messages when you know that subscriber is most likely to engage.

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Improve Email Deliverability

Re-engage your dormant subscribers by sending emails when they are in their inbox ready to engage. AudiencePoint’s Email Engagement Solution means the days of sending risky emails to subscribers who will never re-engage are over. We help you target subscribers who may appear dormant on your list but are still active in their inbox.

Personalize to your best subscribers and drive revenue

We provide personalized insights about your best subscribers, helping you deliver the right email with the right message at the right time. Our insights boost engagement, drive more revenue, and ultimately turning your best subscribers into evangelists.

How can I improve my email engagement?

Are you ready to increase your email engagement?

Second Party Data Pool

Our second party data pool powers insights that help you to understand the quality of each of your email subscribers. Instead of relying just on your own first party data, our second party data pool shows you how your recipients engage with their inbox. You will see which of your subscribers engage with others but not you, and who is not engaged with their inbox at all.

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What Our Customers Say

“We suppressed the dormant Gmail addresses and saw a dramatic improvement in our Inbox placement!  Our team is glad to have made an impact with your tool – so thank you!”

– Email Marketing Manager at a major insurance provider


“We are pleased with how AudiencePoint has approached privacy for our customers, and we believe their approach is compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and is also positioned to comply with future privacy regulations.”

Founder and President of a leading digital marketing agency


“AudiencePoint helped us identify our lapsed subscribers that were still mailable. Because of their data, we were able to increase the number of reactivated subscribers across all of our enterprise brands.”

Director of Email Marketing at a national e-commerce brand



Our pre-built integrations and API make it easy to connect to your ESP so you can begin building engagement and driving revenue quickly.

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