Make More From Your Email List

Are you looking to deliver a better customer experience and increase brand loyalty with your email? ListFit uses first- and second-party email data to provide you with accurate and timely insights to re-engage your audience, cull abandoned addresses, fine tune content and offers, and optimize cadence and sending times.
what we do

You’ve worked hard to collect your customer data. ListFit helps put that data to work. 

Recover Stagnant Revenue

Email marketing delivers more ROI than any other marketing channel. At the same time, anywhere from 40%-75% of your list is unengaged. ListFit tells you which subscribers you should reengage to recover stagnant revenue.

Identify Abandoned Email Addresses

Many of your unengaged subscribers are still using that email address while others have abandoned those addresses altogether. ListFit tells you which of your subscribers are un-engaged with your marketing emails and which addresses have been abandoned and should be removed from your list.

Fine Tune Content and Offers

There are many reasons for a subscriber to become unengaged. The one over which you have the most control is what you say and what you offer. ListFit gives you insight into what content and offers are working for your audience and which need to be changed.

Optimize Send Time and Frequency

“Right message at the right time,” may be marketing cliché but knowing when to deliver and how often to send your marketing emails to keep your subscribers engaged is marketing gold. The ListFit algorithm aggregates your data with our second party data pool to let you optimize your send time and frequency.

The ListFit dashboard delivers instant insights about your list to help create better engagement, send time decisions, content, and offers


ListFit scores each subscriber’s engagement to easily segment lists into hi, medium, and low engagement cohorts.


ListFit knows which industries and business categories your subscribers engage with most.

Next-Gen Verification

Find hidden spam traps, honeypots, frequent spam complainers, and frequent bouncers to remove from your list.

Send Time

ListFit knows when subscribers are most active and will tell you the ideal day and time to send to each subscriber.


The ListFit frequency score shows how often to send to each subscriber for peak engagement preventing subscriber burnout.


ListFit tracks subscriber activity, bounces, and their last engagement. It’s predictive deliverability.


ListFit works with every email services provider, CDP and CRM. Just upload your list and get instant insights.
Audience insights

How does ListFit know my subscribers?

ListFit is powered by the industry’s most robust email marketing dataset, containing over 500 million privacy-compliant email engagement profiles. 

That means we can show you how your subscribers interact with the email programs from hundreds of other brands and senders.

This insight will improve your entire email program:

  • NFine tune content and offers
  • NOptimize send time and message frequency
  • NIdentify abandoned email addresses
  • NRecover lost revenue
Based on the ListFit insights, “we suppressed the dormant Gmail addresses and saw a dramatic improvement in our Inbox placement!  Our team is glad to have made an impact with your tool – so thank you!”
ListFit gives us a picture of our list we’ve never seen before. It helped improve our re-engagement campaign in less than a month!”