How we work

Second Party Data Pool

  • Connect to AudiencePoint

    AudiencePoint partners with the world’s largest e-commerce, retail, and B2B brands. We process over 85 trillion events annually and track over 90% of the email addresses in the US.

    Simply upload your email list into our system, and your individualized subscribers (like Stephanie M.) are analyzed for matches across our data pool.

  • The Data is Organized

    Your data is categorized and organized into our data pool. At this stage, Stephanie’s data is categorized correctly but is still siloed. In the graphic, each square represents the sum of thousands of individual events for Stephanie across time within a specific event category. For example, we pull AutoOpen data and watch engagement events like click-through and opens across several brands.

    a graphic cube that represents email marketinga graphic cube that represents email marketing
  • We Create a 3D View

    Real insights become possible when we structure all events for an individual subscriber across brands in a data clean room. Joining data across brands and event categories gives you the ability to see around corners. We understand not only how your subscriber Stephanie engages with your emails but how she engages across our data pool, giving you a 3D view of her inbox behavior.

    a graphic cube that represents email marketinga graphic cube that represents email marketing
  • Solve For Personalized Recommendations

    When you ask AudiencePoint the best way to engage an individual subscriber, our proprietary algorithms analyze an aggregate of Stephanie’s behavior across brands, events, and time to build a recommendation for the best way to engage Stephanie based on her interests, email technology, and inbox behavior.

    Using our tools, these insights can be applied to a variety of key email marketing applications like re-engagement campaigns, send time optimization, IP warming, email verification, etc.

    cube graphics representing email marketingcube graphics representing email marketing