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AudiencePoint is a data platform that tracks and indexes email subscriber activity and engagement levels. Our privacy-compliant, proprietary dataset of 450 million subscriber profiles powers our two software products – ListFit and Send Time Optimization. Our mission is to help brands send more relevant, high performing email by leveraging data in smart, innovative ways.

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Chances are, the only thing your subscribers have in common is that they are all your subscribers. So why are you emailing everyone the same content at the same time and expecting different results? We have the data you need to run a smarter, leaner email marketing program, and we want to help you put that data to use.

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The AudiencePoint Global Data Pool uniquely identifies the subscribers that have a history of engagement and those that don’t. Here’s how it works.

ListFit scores each subscriber on 6 different engagement metrics, then uses that subscriber-level data to illuminate areas of opportunity and improvement for the entire list.

Marketers can find and isolate problem subscribers and domains, get sending frequency recommendation to avoid subscriber burnout, sort lists into engagement-based segments, find ideal sending windows, and more.

The result? Brands using ListFit are seeing instant lift in critical areas of their email program – like sender reputation, inboxing rate, and blacklist removal – all leading to increased subscriber engagement and better campaign results

ListFit is trusted by the world’s biggest senders and respected global brands
Increase deliverability, open, click-thru and conversion rates by knowing the best time to send emails to each of your subscribers, individually.

Individualized Deployment Times

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Send emails when subscribers are most likely to interact with your content.

Real-Time Campaign Management

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Manage campaigns in real-time based on changing hourly business conditions.

Start/Pause Scheduled Campaigns

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Spread deployments over time. Start, stop and resume campaigns, mid-send.

Intelligent Throttling

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Control deliverability to an ISP with smart throttling.


Time Zone Independent

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Send emails based on each subscriber’s unique target time, no matter where they are in the world.

Improved Inbox Placement

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Achieve better email placement in the inbox at optimal times.

Ready to increase deliverability, open, click-thru and conversion rates by knowing when to send emails to each one of your subscribers?

Are you ready to explore the benefits of increased engagement from subscribers? 


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