The Fastest Way to Increase Revenue from Your Email Marketing Database

We give brands the pulse on their email subscriber’s inbox habits. Because of our data platform, no other company can provide these insights. The outcome is more precise segmentation.  Technology that drives higher customer engagement and more conversions all in an easy to implement solution.
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Actionable Data Trusted by Marketers to Increase Revenue

It is 5X cheaper to retain a customer than it is to acquire a new one. Our three products help email marketers increase engagement with their audience, build stronger relationships, and increase lifetime value.


Re-engage the email addresses that are active and avoid the spam traps.

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Send Time Optimization

Send each email when the recipient is most likely to be in their inbox.

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Real-Time Optimization

Take your send time optimization to the next level by sending when the recipient is most likely to engage with your email.

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AudiencePoint is trusted by the world’s biggest senders and respected global brands

“On the project that we used ListFit for, we suppressed the dormant Gmail addresses and saw dramatic improvement in our Inbox placement! Our team is glad to have made an impact with your tool – so thank you!”

– Email Marketing Manager from a Major Insurance Provider