New Year, New Code

New Year, New Code

Dec 22, 2022

Paul Shriner

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Big News! we just finished a complete bottom up rewrite of our code for our analytics platform. For context, there were still lines of code that I had written when I first dreamed up the idea for Send Time Optimization. Did they still work? Yes, but they weren’t sexy and exciting anymore. Those original STO lines of code would be turning eleven this year. As one of our developers said, “yo, its time for your code to go.”

What can we do with it?

We have big plans for different ways to use our industry leading second party data pool, plans that require a flexible, scalable architecture. Plans like:

  • A faster scoring model – The speed of the new platform allows us to score data in real time, instead of the previous approach where we pre-scored data and surfaced it in a CSV.
  • Easier integrations – The number one request from our customers is being able to pull scores in real time. Not only does the new platform support that, but it will also allow us to connect to more systems offering interoperability to everybody’s marketing stack.
  • New insights – The Speed and flexibility of our new architecture lets us make wild and crazy comparisons across our second party data pool never before considered. Stir in a dose of that new-fangled machine learning and now we can surface insight never before considered.
  • New stuff – Along with the new insights we have a ton of new ideas for new features and functionality. By simplifying the code, we will be able to transition from idea to release faster with fewer bugs.
  • Real Time Optimization (RTO) – Our first new idea has been living in beta. With Real Time Optimization you will be able to listen for the engagement signals that matter most to your brand and respond in real time.

Is there more? Heck yes! To say that we are excited to share this with our customers is an understatement. We started this company with a dream to solve real customer problems. Our stated goal was that we wanted to make email marketers look like the heroes that they are. This platform allows us to do that better than we ever have before.

When will it launch?
Our new architecture launches during the second week of January. Unfortunately, you won’t see any dramatic changes. While the engine will be different, the interface and output will stay the same. If you would like to get your hands on our new engine now, send a request to and we will get you set up.

Do you have any questions or are you a famous journalist interested in documenting this technological lift? Go ahead and email and we will get you answers.