What do you mean, my emails aren’t getting delivered?

Feb 27, 2024


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Download this ebook on email deliverability

This phrase, heard in conference rooms around the country can be the last thing heard before jobs are lost. The job loss isn’t personal, but so much money is driven by email, that a sending domain that is landing in the spam folder is grounds for termination, why? Because email in the Spam folder is not converting into revenue. it often isn’t the email marketer’s fault. The email marketer is often overruled by someone higher up in the company who says to “send more email, to more people, I don’t care what the technicalities of email are.”

This guide provides how to know if your email is landing in the Spam folder, how it got there, and how to recover. It is meant as a guide only, it is not meant to be comprehensive. If your deliverability problems have been chronic (ongoing and unrecoverable), please consider engaging a deliverability consultant.

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