In last week’s Nerd Voice article, we talked about the effect of Apple’s MPP changes on measured open rates. We have been filtering out false opens and our team has observed patterns in the information we have been collecting. 

As iOS 15 adoption has increased we have observed a significant drop in the number of opens attributed to iOS user agents. At the same time, we have seen a steady comparable increase in the number of opens attributed to an unspecified user agent.

In the week prior to iOS 15 launch, only 8.4% of opens were tied to an unspecified user agent. The same week 46.5% of all opens were from iOS user agents. 4 weeks after iOS 15 launch iOS user agent opens fell to 28.7% of opens where unspecified agent opens increased to 36.1%. 

All unspecified user agent opens are not iOS 15 Apple opens but the trend is clear. At AudiencePoint the user agent data is just part of our larger strategy to filter out false opens caused by iOS 15.

In an effort to increase transparency in how AudiencePoint handles data, this short-form content is part of an ongoing series where the nerds at AudiencePoint get a voice to share the cool and interesting things that we are doing with data, and why it matters.

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