AudiencePoint response to Apple

AudiencePoint response to Apple

Oct 20, 2021

Paul Shriner

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Apple releases their Mobile Privacy Protection (MPP) technology. This technology pre-opens every email on iOS devices using Apple Mail.

AudiencePoint response:

The AudiencePoint application added a comprehensive filtering solution to label and remove false open activity accordingly from its algorithm inputs.

The Impact

Because of the size of the AudiencePoint Global Data pool, the impact of Apple’s mail privacy protection on Send Time Optimization and ListFit has been unfelt by customers as demonstrated by little to no change in match rate or message spread.


Our research has discovered that 25% of open activity is from iOS devices, however only 5% of all activity is entirely from iOS devices. The other 20% comes from subscribers that use multiple devices/clients and, in this case, only the Apple traffic is filtered.

In an effort to increase transparency in how AudiencePoint handles data, this short-form content is part of an ongoing series where the nerds at AudiencePoint get a voice to share the cool and interesting things that we are doing with data, and why it matters.