Better Data, Better Outcomes

Dec 01, 2021

Paul Shriner

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The relevancy of data matters.

If your data that you use to make decisions is flawed it doesn’t matter how spectacular your delivery system is. Your data is impacting the efficacy of your efforts.

In our house, my son was supposed to pick up his little sister from school. He has been away at school and is back on break. He put the school initials into his GPS and went on his way. The problem is that there was a better match for those initials in Atlanta, nearly two hours away from Chattanooga. He got in the car and just followed the GPS voice.  He was half-way to Atlanta when his sister called, and said, “Where are you?” He was nearly 45 minutes down the road on his way to Atlanta before he realized that the GPS was wrong.

The mapping was correct.

The driver and car were operating correctly.

The destination was wrong.

If your underlying data that you are making decisions from is wrong, you are making the wrong decisions.

First party data is amazing and accurate, but with the advent of Apple’s MPP technology, the Google tracking pixel and managed firewalls, your ability to trust the input signals in diminished.

Third-party data is powerful and can give you additional insights that you previously did not have. However, it seems that third-party data is just passed around and there are very few unique insights available in the data set.

At AudiencePoint, we spend a lot of time identifying and removing data from our second-party feeds which only serve to introduce noise into the signal. The outcome of that process  is that data coming from AudiencePoint is unparalleled and full of insights that can improve your programs immediately.