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ACTIVATE is an exciting new platform used by political campaigns to dramatically increase donations through email, social, and display.

It is the only platform that uses individual-level, real-time digital marketing response data to drive results (instead of static attributes like past donation history or issue affinity).

Powering it all is AudiencePoint’s unique data set: We have a view into 90%+ of email addresses in the U.S., along with trillions of behavioral signals.

Request your FREE file analysis today so we can show you exactly who to target to achieve your fundraising goals and succeed in today’s challenging environment.

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Email Marketing

  • Deliverability. Fix spam blocking issues and get delivered to the inbox – fast.
  • Engagement. ID list members who are most likely to donate now + who’s most ripe for reactivation.
  • Send Time Optimization. Be there at the right time, not all the time: always at the top of recipient inboxes.

Social and Display

  • Precision Targeting. Use real response data to target exactly who’s most likely to donate.
  • Acquisition. Lookalike modeling finds your best new donors and opt-in email/SMS list subscribers.
  • Cost Savings. Stop wasting valuable spend on ads to disengaged audiences.

ACTIVATE is simple, affordable, and results oriented. It doesn’t guess who’s most likely to donate – it knows.

Best of all, with AudiencePoint you can be up and running – and driving donations again – within hours.

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