A New Score

Jun 10, 2024

Paul Shriner

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AudiencePoint has been the leader in the email engagement for some time, and our newest score drives that wedge just a little deeper.  AudiencePoint just launched a new predictive click model which predicts which email addresses are likely to click and which are not. When we first started this journey, I hung a very artistic vision for ListFit, to be the best Data Decisioning platform in the world. It is still hanging there reminding us of our Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG).

The Big Plan

We want to own the engagement market. When you have questions about a subscriber, we want you to come to AudiencePoint.  We have identified three key dimensions of email engagement.

  • Verification – the purpose of this score is to identify which email addresses are bad. The score is based upon a variety of dimensions including, sent, bounce, mx and third-party source records.
  • Engagement – If Verification identifies which email addresses are bad, the Engagement score reflects which email addresses are active in their inbox.  For marketers struggling with deliverability issues, this score sanitizes your send to emails that are active in their inbox.
  • Predictive Click – This Machine Learning-based model predicts which emails will click and which will not. While, there is no substitution for relevant content and brand-relationship, knowing which email addresses are not only active but more likely to click!

A tale of two trees

The Predictive click score part of the Sycamore model.   The Engagement score is part of the Spruce model.  We had to do something to identify score origin and version tracking, and because we are marketers, we named those versions after trees.

Marketer Feedback

The ListFit application is starting to get a little bit overrun by scores. We have a lot of interesting scores that Marketers absolutely love.  We have also received feedback that there are too many scores in a given report.  They have requested that we reduce the number of fields returned, or better, make it configurable.

Solution Make the reports that you want configurable

Marketers will be able to select the fields that they are interested in and only get those. This represents a huge evolution for AudiencePoint and we are excited to be able to offer this to our customers. The challenge is that feature is more complex than just adding a new score.

Early access

We know our customers are excited about the new Machine Learning-based predictive click score, and we didn’t want them to have to wait to start trying it out. Marketers who want to start using the predictive click score can select the “Sycamore” model within the ListFit application and get early access to this score.


We are very excited about the depth and breadth of email engagement scores that we can offer to email marketers. If you like what you see and want more information, or have some ideas on how we can continue to innovate in this space, we want to hear from you. Email us at sales@audiencepoint.com