February 2018 – Product Updates

Mar 01, 2018

Paul Shriner

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Here at AudiencePoint, February has flown by! With so much going on, we want to update you on the latest work we’ve done to deliver even higher opens, clicks and conversions for our customers.

Improved management of unengaged

The combination of your brand’s data and AudiencePoint’s Global Data Pool creates the most robust Send Time Optimization solution in the industry.

For those subscribers that have no historical data, we have always provided customers options on how to schedule them. The options for this unengaged audience was date-time selection or allow AudiencePoint to pick. Now we give you more treatments to manage that unengaged audience:

  1. Choose single hour – Schedule the day and hour for the entire deployment.
  2. Schedule in the first hour of the campaign – Schedule the unengaged audience to deploy at the first hour of your optimization.
  3. Schedule even distribution over the first 6 hours – Send at the start of a campaign, to maximize engagement, without locking up a single hour.
  4. Schedule even distribution over entire campaign – Evenly spread unengaged across the entire deployment, which helps mitigate the deliverability risk across all sends.
  5. Do not send emails to unengaged – Suppresses the unengaged audience altogether. This treatment helps with deliverability by avoiding spam traps and reducing the potential for ISP blacklisting.

Better link tracking

Now you can track individual links across every hour of the campaign. You can now view link-level tracking on all send time optimized campaigns. Every link now has aggregate tracking and rolls up in the AudiencePoint performance reporting.

Faster data processing

Import times are much 38%-50% faster as our application now streams data to and from Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Your great feedback drove our work with Salesforce to implement  this feature. Thank you!

AudienceOptimizer and frequency optimization

You can use real time engagement data to drive decisions by engagement or desired frequency. This data, exposed through AudienceOptimizer, helps to identify subscribers that engage more or less frequently. Use it to segment by those who are your hyper engaged and want to hear from you daily or those that would rather hear from you once a week or once a month.

What’s Next?

Here’s a sneak peak at what’s coming soon to the AudiencePoint product suite.

Real time subject line and content testing and changes

We’re adding the dimension of time to dynamically tested and optimized content. AudiencePoint will be the only product in the industry that includes A/B content testing into the initial hours of a time-optimized deployment. This new feature will allow customers to dynamically change the content of a deployment after it has started sending.

All of these features are included when you use AudiencePoint to personalize and optimize your email campaigns.  If you want to learn more please reach out to info@audiencepoint.com