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Gmail tells email marketers to go to their room

Jul 31, 2013

Paul Shriner

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Google sent a shot across the bow of every email marketer in the world by filtering messages that might normally be serendipitously discovered. Google moved those cleverly worded emails from professional email marketers into the timeout box.

This action, creates concern for email marketers who have subscribers that have accounts with Google (personal or corporate). In some cases that would comprise most of the subscriber list. Causing some of those professional email marketers to ask the question, “Should I find a new industry?” There are a lot of responses that are floating around Twitter and corporate blogs some good and some bad.

Lets put this into perspective:

  1. If your subscribers are using Gmail, they are probably already filtering their inbox, but if they aren’t the discover-ability of the message goes down, no question.
  2. If you are a legit email marketer, then your subscribers have to opt-in to your content and as such they will open the content regardless of the tab it gets dropped into because they requested it.
  3. You are smart, creative, and amazing, this may require you to re-focus your marketing energies to try out new innovative models that will increase your open rates, instead of just calling email the king.
  4. Focus on content, deliver solid content subscribers will look for it.
  5. Test everything, make sure that you aren’t leaving business on the table because of the color of your buttons.
  6. Oh, and Time optimize your emails!

At AudiencePoint, we believe that this action by Google increases the overall value of every other technique to increase conversions. Using time as dimension by simply adjusting the time of delivery of each message, you will increase your open rates by 25%+. The implementation is simple, work with one of our Email Service Provider partners and instead of clicking send within ours and you see open and click rates go up.

The value proposition is simple:

Timing Matters: Increase Opens & Clicks -> Increase Engagement -> Increase Revenue!