Shopify is cooking at AudiencePoint

Jun 17, 2024

Paul Shriner

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We are brewing up something new at AudiencePoint. What is it, a super interesting Shopify App.

The Importance of Play

When I was little, I loved creative play. Loved it. Family lore shares that when asked to pick up my shoes from the living room, I would put them on my hands and feet and walk them to my room. I was playing and in the process, concocted a solution to the problem that made doing what I was doing interesting enough for my little toddler brain to continue.

You name it though, at every stage of my life, my solutions to problems are not the same as other people. First they are alway couched in play. Meaning, the pursuit of creative solutions require a creative environment where you can do your best creative work. For me that requires me to escape completely from the task at hand. 

When I first created Send Time Optimization at AudiencePoint, I thought that it would be funny to create a FaceBook application that would track and visualize how busy my friends were on the social network. The commercial value of that effort immediately jumped to the surface. That application opened the door to the technology that is STO and prominent on every Email Service Provider today. 

Most of the time, the “Play” is “there is this new technology” and it would be fun to learn it.

Identify the Opportunities from that Play

Once you have created a “thing” you identify what that thing can do and the market value it represents. Sometimes that market value is empty, but sometimes it is chock full of market goodness.


Shopify is a HUGE ecosystem, HUGE.  The good folks at Shopify seem to be eating everyone’s lunch.  The number of shop owners who showed up with a dream and walked away much wealthier is too numerous to count.  Additionally, there are only a handful of successful bridges between Shopify and email marketing tools.

The question that we asked was, “Is there something that we can do to help create more of those wealthy Shopify people?” The answer is complicated, because the goal can’t be “Make people more money” that is an outcome, not a goal. The goal was to empower Shopify owners with more and better data about their audience that they could use to make more money.

We built Rekndl

The application is called Rekndl. It is missing some vowels. For all of you “pro-vowel” types, settle down, we still have an “e”. The app bundle email engagement predictions with sociographic inputs from our friends at to inform shop owners who their customers are and the best channel to reach them on.

The name Rekndl felt right? Why? Because we are analyzing your customer list and identifying how to get them to buy again, and buy more. We took everything that we have learned from the loyalty and re-activation game of email and applied it to Shopify and shop owners.

Early Feedback

When you are launching a new application in any ecosystem, the key is frequent feedback from customers.  And while we are still in the early stages, customers are struck by the understandability and the immediate value.

Beta program

We are looking for people to try it out. While the app It isn’t perfect, it is definitely in a place where you the customer receives value and we the developer get valuable customer feedback.

Use this link to sign up for the beta: