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Communication with your audience is crucial to business success. If you’re looking for a highly effective way to get in touch with consumers interested in your brand, email marketing is the answer. 

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Email Engagement increases email effectiveness and revenue 

One of the easiest ways to increase revenue through the email channel is to increase engagement amongst your best subscribers. First, you need to understand who your best subscribers are and how they engage with other emails in their inbox ie, emails that other brands send them. This will allow you to show up for them in ways that your data alone won’t reveal. 

There is a portion of the inactive subscribers on your list that are engaging with other emails in their inbox. Our second-party data sources identify which emails are active on other lists and leverage send time data to help you re-engage them. Decreasing the amount of inactive emails on your email list can have a effective positive effect on revenue. 

We can use 2nd party email engagement data to identify your new subscribers who are actively engaged in their inbox and focus campaigns to warm new IPs broken down by specific mailbox providers. Email inbox providers prioritize engagement for inbox placement and deliverability when scoring IP reputation. Focusing on the most historically engaged subscribers at the beginning of your warming campaigns increases deliverability and IP warming speed.  

Apple opening your mail is making it hard to trust your open rates, but that doesn’t mean that your subscribers aren’t engaging with your email. Our engagement scores do not consider false proxy opens, allowing you to have confidence in your list. Furthermore, we can identify subscribers who are unengaged on your email list and may be receiving proxy opens but still have the potential to re-engage. 

Your Email Engagement Powered by our Second-Party Data Pool

AudiencePoint’s second-party data pool can help you identify untapped revenue in your email list. Our second-party data pool gives you a multi-brand view of your subscribers’ inbox habits, so you have a leg up against competition using first-party data or leveraging a third-party vendor. Our insights will allow you to deploy re-engagement campaigns responsibly improving inbox placement and avoiding deliverability issues.

1.7 T

1.7 trillion behavior signals captured / week

22 TB

Stored consumer email behavior data


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B2B and B2C data sources feeding pool

What Are the Benefits of Email Marketing?

There are tons of benefits of email marketing, including a high ROI. Let’s talk about what email marketing is, the benefits of email marketing, and why email is an effective marketing strategy.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing provides a direct marketing channel that allows companies to promote products, sales promotions, share updates, and provide relevant content that is valuable to consumers on their email list. Since email is a direct communication channel, it provides a more efficient way for businesses to get in touch with consumers interested in their products or services. 

How Does Email Marketing Work?

Creating and managing email campaigns typically involves:

  • Creating an email marketing strategy and setting goals.
  • Signing up for an email marketing platform to manage your email list and campaigns.
  • Building and growing an email list.
  • Designing and sending regular email content.
  • Using email marketing software and tools to track data and optimize campaigns.

Taking all these steps will help you get started with email marketing and take advantage of its many benefits for your business. 

What Are the Advantages of Email Marketing?

Email marketing provides direct communication to consumers who are already familiar with your brand or may have purchased from you before. This leads to many advantages of email marketing over other digital marketing strategies. 

10 Advantages of Email Marketing

The top 10 advantages of email marketing are:

  1. It is the highest ROI digital marketing strategy.
  2. It doesn’t depend on algorithms like the ones on social media to have content reach your audience.
  3. Email allows you to personalize content.
  4. Email content can be segmented based on the characteristics and activity of subscribers.
  5. Building an email list is an excellent way to generate leads.
  6. Email creates an effective sales funnel.
  7. Email is a permission-based channel where subscribers opt-in.
  8. Sending emails provides additional value to your audience.
  9. It is easy to measure the results from marketing emails.
  10. Email marketing has an instant impact the moment you hit send.

All of these reasons make email marketing an excellent way to reach your audience and promote sales. The next sections will cover each of these advantages of email marketing in more detail.  

Email Marketing has a High ROI

One of the main advantages of email over any other digital marketing strategy is its high ROI. Email marketing has an average ROI of $36 for every $1 spent. 

It is the highest ROI digital marketing activity. Digital marketing as a whole has an average ROI of $5 for every $1 spent, which means that email marketing vastly outperforms the average ROI of other strategies. 

Email marketing has such a high ROI because it’s cost-effective to create and send emails while allowing you to easily reach a targeted audience that is already interested in your brand. Consumers who already know about your brand are much more likely to take action when they receive promotional email content. 

Email Doesn’t Depend on Algorithms

Algorithms can significantly impact other types of digital marketing, like social media marketing. One of the downfalls of social media marketing is that many social platforms only show each piece of content to a small percentage of your followers. Algorithms determine who sees your content, leaving many followers unaware that you even posted. It’s hard to create effective marketing campaigns if people don’t see your content. 

Email marketing has none of these limitations. It’s no wonder why email marketing has a much higher ROI than other digital marketing strategies. 

Email Helps You Personalize Content

The ability to personalize email content makes email marketing stand out from other digital marketing strategies and helps you increase sales. Consumers are very receptive to personalized emails, since they feel tailored to their specific needs and show that a company cares. In fact, research has shown that emails with personalized subject lines receive 50% higher open rates

Consumers open personalized emails from brands because they stand out. The world of digital marketing is cluttered with many companies trying to get consumers’ attention. Any way you can make your content stand out is beneficial. Email marketing can do just that by allowing you to send content that stands out to each individual on your email list. 

Personalization of email has also become much easier in recent years due to advances in email artificial intelligence (AI) software. Email AI allows you to add personalized elements to your email campaigns more efficiently.

Email Content Can Be Segmented

One of the benefits of email marketing is the ability to segment your content by subscriber characteristics and activity. This helps you create targeted email campaigns sent to specific groups of email subscribers that lead to better results. Research has shown that segmented email campaigns result in 100.95% higher click rates, indicating that segmented emails significantly increase email engagement

AudiencePoint’s email insight software can help with email segmentation. Our tool, ListFit, helps analyze email subscriber activity and characteristics. Knowing detailed information about audience members and what content they are most interested in will help you accurately segment your email list to get the best results. 

Building an Email List Helps Generate Leads

Building an email list is an effective strategy for finding new leads and supporting them throughout the buyer journey. People sign up for your email list because they’re interested in your company. This means they are more likely to follow a call to action and make a purchase if your email content offers value and provides a good experience. 

In addition, signing up for an email list usually doesn’t feel too intimidating or like too much of a commitment for most consumers, making it an easier lead-generation strategy than other options. 

Email Creates an Effective Sales Funnel

Along with email being great for lead generation, email marketing also creates an excellent sales funnel that takes consumers through every step of the buyer journey. The great thing about email marketing is you can set up automated email campaigns that trigger the moment someone signs up for your email list. This helps you provide an excellent experience with your emails from day one, as you nurture your leads and show them your brand’s value. 

AudiencePoint can help your company manage the buyer journey. AudiencePoint’s insight software tracks email subscriber activity and can identify when subscribers are most likely to convert. This helps you know exactly when you should send an email encouraging a subscriber to make a purchase. 

Email is Permission-Based

Unlike other types of marketing content, your email subscribers have opted in to receive emails from you. That means this is a group of people who want to hear from your brand. In fact, 61% of consumers state that they enjoy receiving weekly emails from brands. Having subscribers opt in builds trust and ensures that you are reaching an audience that is interested in your brand. 

Emails Provide Value

Marketing emails aren’t simply about promoting sales. They allow you to provide subscribers with value that creates a connection, builds trust, and makes them want to purchase from you. You can provide value through email by sending informative, educational, or entertaining content. All these types of email content can have a positive impact on subscribers. 

It’s Easy to Measure Results from Email Marketing

Email marketing makes it easy for you to measure your results. With different marketing channels, it isn’t always as easy to know how effective your promotion was at generating conversions. However, email metrics are easy to track when you use the right methods, so you know the direct impact your emails have. 

AudiencePoint makes it easy for you to track results from your email campaigns. Our software allows you to see how subscribers interact with your emails the moment you send them. This helps you quickly optimize your email marketing strategy and make the right decisions. 

Email Marketing has an Instant Impact

Unlike other forms of marketing, where you need to wait around to see results, emails have an immediate impact after being sent. The moment you hit send, your subscribers can see, open, and engage with your content. This provides immediate results to see how your email campaign performs. 

Is Email Marketing Still Effective in 2023?

Email marketing is still effective in 2023 and isn’t expected to go away anytime soon. Billions of people worldwide are active email users, with an estimated 99% of email users checking their inboxes daily and many checking them multiple times per day. Due to such a high amount of email usage in 2023, email marketing is an effective way for businesses in any industry to reach their target audience.

Does Email Marketing Have an Impact on Sales?

Email marketing has a significant impact on sales and driving consumer purchase intent. Studies have shown that consumers spend 138% more when receiving marketing emails than when no emails are sent, indicating that email is very impactful in driving purchasing decisions. 

AudiencePoint Helps You Get the Benefits of Email Marketing

AudiencePoint’s email insight software will help optimize your email marketing efforts. Our software takes data tracking and analysis of email campaigns a step further by providing you with actionable information into how you can improve your email marketing campaigns. 

AudiencePoint analyzes email subscriber activity to determine how consumers interact with your email content. This provides insights into how to accurately segment your email list, send emails when subscribers are most likely to check their inboxes, and re-engage subscribers who have become inactive. 

Taking steps to improve your email campaigns will help you boost engagement, drive higher email conversion rates, and ensure high email deliverability. Since email is typically one of the marketing channels that contributes most to a company’s sales, improving your email marketing strategy will help boost overall company success. 

If you think AudiencePoint would be a beneficial addition to your company’s email marketing strategy, contact us for more information about how you can get started.



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