Is email marketing Effective in 2022?

Is Email Marketing Effective in 2022?

Oct 31, 2022

AudiencePoint Team

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The best strategies for email marketing have changed over the years. People no longer read and look at their emails like they used to. However, if you learn some email engagement best practices, you can still take full advantage of email as part of your marketing strategy. This article will discuss the effectiveness of email marketing in 2022 and give tips on how you can get great results from your email marketing customer engagement campaign

Does Email Marketing Still Work in 2022?

Email marketing is still effective in 2022. Research from HubSpot states that over 4 billion people use email. Due to the vast number of email users worldwide, every brand in any industry can take advantage of email marketing.

Research also shows that approximately 61% of people check email daily, with most checking it multiple times a day. The number of daily email users shows that people still take email seriously in 2022. As a result, you can still send marketing emails with high success rates. 

What Is the Average Return on Investment for Email Marketing?

The average return on investment (ROI) for email marketing is $36 for every $1 spent. This makes it an effective part of a marketing strategy, since it gets great results for a very low cost. This high ROI is due to the fact that most marketing emails are sent to people who are familiar with a company. 

Sending consistent marketing emails and newsletters to email subscribers helps build familiarity, trust, and top-of-mind awareness with your audience. This leads to higher success rates when you start a new marketing campaign. 

Why Email is Still Important

Email is still important because it is still one of the most utilized forms of digital communication. Many people use email daily when they are at work, when they make online purchases, and even to sign up for news and updates from their favorite companies. 

If you take the time to develop a valuable email marketing campaign, people will respond positively to it, and it will help build your brand’s image. Many companies are taking advantage of this by sending out consistent valuable content to their email subscribers.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing will benefit your company in many ways. Some of the top benefits of email marketing are:

  • Increased revenue: When email marketing is done right, it has a very high ROI. For many brands, a significant source of their revenue comes from email marketing. You will see increased revenue over time if you consistently send out high-quality emails. 
  • Awareness: Things are fast-paced in today’s digital world. People see numerous ads and a vast amount of information as they go throughout their day. This is why maintaining brand awareness through email is key. It keeps your brand on your customers’ minds, so you don’t get lost in the noise. 
  • Communication: Email is a powerful communication tool for interacting with your customer base. Providing quality email content helps you build positive relationships with your customer base. 
  • Trust: Providing value to your audience through email marketing customer engagement campaigns will build trust. Consumers who trust you will be more likely to make purchases. This will help you when you launch your next promotion. 

Now that we’ve talked about how email marketing can still be effective, let’s look at some best practices. 

Email Marketing Trends and Best Practices

There are some trends and best practices you can follow for email marketing in 2022 that will make your marketing campaigns more successful. Top trends and best practices for email marketing are:

  • Mobile: The vast majority of people check their emails on a mobile device at least some of the time in 2022. Mobile devices have likely increased email usage since it is a fast and easy way to scroll through emails. This means you must make your emails mobile-friendly to get the most out of email marketing.
  • Use email marketing software: One of the best things you can do to manage and improve your marketing emails is using email marketing software. This type of software will help you track valuable metrics and manage your email list effectively. 
  • Stay on brand: The most effective marketing emails stay on brand with a consistent appearance and feel. Engaged customer email subscribers will look forward to receiving marketing emails from you and may feel put off if the entire feel of the emails changes suddenly. If your emails are on brand, subscribers can easily spot your email content when it comes through. 
  • Provide value: People have gotten smarter about email advertisements. Your email content should not be spammy and should not come off as only pushing sales. You want to provide value to email subscribers to build trust and loyalty. This keeps people reading your emails and leads to higher open and click-through rates.
  • Be consistent: Remember to stay consistent with email marketing. Sending emails at the same time and day each week can help your subscribers know when to expect content from you. Consistent emails also serve as a constant reminder, so your subscribers remember your brand when they are ready to make a purchase. That being said, consistency doesn’t mean you should spam your readers constantly. For example, sending emails everyday would probably do more harm than good, as the reader would feel bombarded.


Email marketing is still effective in 2022. Billions of people use email, with many people using it daily. If you stay consistent and provide value in your marketing emails, you will see success. If you would like additional help optimizing your email campaigns, AudiencePoint’s email engagement insight software can help. Our software provides you with valuable data and insights, so you can optimize as you go and effectively communicate with your audience. 

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