what are important email marketing benchmarks

What Are Important Email Marketing Metrics Benchmarks?

Jan 23, 2023

AudiencePoint Team

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Tracking email engagement metrics and comparing them to industry benchmarks is a great way to measure success in email marketing. If you’re wondering which metrics are most important and what the benchmarks are for them, this article will provide you with what you need to know. 

What Are Ways to Measure Email Marketing Metrics?

The best way to measure email marketing metrics is using analytics software that tracks email performance. Email analytics tools will help you see what areas of your marketing emails are performing well and which areas could be improved. 

AudiencePoint’s Email Insight Software

One of the best ways to measure and optimize email metrics is through AudiencePoint. Insights from AudiencePoint’s software will help you track email marketing metrics, segment your email lists, optimize send times, and see the inbox activity of subscribers on your email list. 

Use Email Marketing Benchmarks for Important Metrics

Another great way to determine if your marketing emails are successful is to use benchmarks for success in the most important email metrics. Email benchmarks provide averages for how marketing emails from other companies across industries are performing. This helps you get an idea of how well your emails are stacking up compared to competitors. 

Another way to use benchmarks would be creating standards for success using past results from your own marketing emails. After all, you should always strive to improve when it comes to marketing, and the best metric can be your own self-improvement. 

What Are Important Email Marketing Metrics to Know Benchmarks For?

Three of the most important metrics you should know benchmarks for in email marketing are:

  • Open rate: Open rate in email marketing is the percentage of people who open your email out of the number of emails delivered. This is an important metric, since your emails can’t be successful if subscribers don’t open them in the first place. Open rate shows if your subject lines are successful and how receptive subscribers are to your content.
  • Click-through rate: Click-through rate is the percentage of people that clicked a link in your email from the total number of emails sent. Click-through rate shows how engaging your email body copy was and if your call to action was successful. If someone clicks a link, you have retained their attention enough to get to the next step of the buying process. 
  • Click-to-open rate: Click-to-open rate combines the open rate and click-through rate metrics. Click-to-open rate is the percentage of subscribers who click a link in an email out of the total number of email opens. This is a more precise metric that can help you better determine which areas of your email content could be improved. 

These are three of the most common metrics in email marketing, since they give you a good baseline for consumer engagement while also being easy to understand for those who are less familiar with email marketing. The next sections will provide you with benchmarks for each of these metrics. 

What Is the Average Email Open Rate for 2023?

Knowing the average open rate across industries will provide a good benchmark to start with for email marketing. The average email marketing open rate is 21.33%, excluding Apple MPP opens. If your numbers are above this benchmark, it shows that your subscribers are engaged, and your emails are performing well. 

How Apple MPP Impacts the Open Rate Metric

While open rate is an important metric, Apple’s mail privacy protection (MPP) has impacted its relevance. Apple MPP opens emails sent to the mail app on Apple devices on proxy servers before they land in inboxes. This is done to prevent spam, but it also impacts data tracking in email marketing by inflating open rate numbers.

To offset this, AudiencePoint can isolate Apple MPP opens from reporting to give you accurate open rate metrics that are up to date with today’s standards when you use our insight software. 

What Is the Industry Average for Email Click-Through Rate?

The average click-through rate in email marketing is 2.62%. For companies in most industries, achieving above this number shows that your content is doing well at generating link clicks and subscriber engagement. 

If you’re below this number, you can improve the body content of your emails, ensure that you have a clear call to action at the end, and improve your email design for proper flow and readability. 

What Is the Average Click-To-Open Rate?

The average click-to-open rate in email marketing is 10.5%. This number tends to be significantly higher than click-through rate, since those who decide to open your email have already shown that they are engaged and willing to see what your content has to offer. 

If you have a low click-to-open rate, you should focus your efforts on improving the body content of your email and making sure you are delivering on what the subject line of your email promised

How AudiencePoint Can Help with Your Email Marketing Needs

If you want help improving your email marketing metrics, AudiencePoint’s email insight software is an excellent option. AudiencePoint helps make email marketing easier by taking the guesswork out of the process to improve email performance. 

Data gathered through our insight software will provide ideas for actionable improvements you can make to your email strategy, such as segmenting your emails and sending them at certain times a day. This is an excellent feature for marketers or business owners who have a lot of tasks on their plate to easily make helpful changes to email campaigns.

To get more information about how AudiencePoint can help, contact us today