what are good email subject lines

What Are Good Email Subject Lines?

Oct 31, 2022

AudiencePoint Team

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When sending marketing or business emails, you must ensure they stand out. Otherwise, they will get lost in a sea of other emails in someone’s inbox. This is where the email subject line is crucial. The subject line of an email acts as the first impression or hook to make a potential customer want to know more. A good subject line creates higher engagement from your email recipients, which can lead to a higher ROI and help keep your emails out of the spam folder.

This article will provide information about what to write in a subject line, good email subject lines, and examples of subject lines for different types of emails. 

When Sending an Email, What Do You Put in the Subject Line?

The subject line should provide brief details about what is in the rest of the email’s content. This gives an idea of what someone will see once they click on the email. You want your marketing email subject lines to be engaging, so they compel subscribers to click on your emails.

What Makes Good Email Subject Lines?

There are many qualities and details that go into writing a good email subject line. Things that make subject lines effective are:

  • Keep it brief: Your email subject line should be short and to the point. This ensures that the whole subject line displays on the screen when your email lands in someone’s inbox and that you don’t lose your subscriber’s attention. 
  • Highlight value: Your subject line should highlight the value the reader will get from the rest of the email. 
  • Spark curiosity: Subject lines that provide just enough information or details to spark curiosity will make it more likely that subscribers will open your emails. 
  • Personalize (when appropriate): Personalization in subject lines can help grab someone’s attention, so adding personalization to your emails when it is appropriate can be an effective strategy. 
  • Keep on brand: Keeping your subject lines on brand will help your email subscribers know when an email from you lands in their inbox and helps show a consistent tone in your message.

These tips will help you write great marketing email subject lines.  

What Are Some Email Subject Line Examples?

Examples of email subject lines include motivational subject lines, introduction subject lines, informative subject lines and promotional subject lines. Here are some examples of good subject lines that utilize different strategies for engaging the reader.

Motivational Email Subject Lines

For certain brands, motivational emails can be an effective part of a marketing strategy. For example, fitness, productivity, or self-improvement brands could benefit from sending a motivational email that provides tips or encouragement to their subscribers. Motivation is also a key element you can target with your email marketing to boost sales by encouraging subscribers to take action. To effectively engage subscribers with motivational emails, you must write a bold and solid subject line. Examples of motivational email subject lines are:

  • No More Excuses, Take Action Today!
  • Spring Into Shape!
  • Morning Workout Motivation
  • One Step to Get Back on Track

These subject lines are effective because they have a motivational tone and spark curiosity, making viewers want to click the email to know more. 

Subject Lines for Introduction Emails to Clients

If you have a personal brand or company that markets and provides services to clients, it is essential to write an effective introduction email when onboarding a new client. The subject line of your introduction email will set the tone for your initial interaction with a new client, so it is important to nail this to make a good first impression. Examples of subject lines for a client introduction email are:

  • Welcome (client name) – Let’s get started!
  • Pleased to be your new (insert job title/service provided)
  • Let me know how I can help with (client-specific details)
  • Introducing myself on behalf of (company name)
  • Let’s talk about (client/job-specific details)

Using subject lines like these will help get things off to a smooth start with your new client. 

Email Subjects for Informative Emails

Informational emails can be a good part of a marketing strategy. Informational emails can provide further details or explanations of your product or service’s effectiveness, new company updates, or specific knowledge and tips that make your brand appear as an authority in your industry. Examples of great subject lines for informing emails are: 

  • What to Know Before Filing Your Taxes
  • Introducing Our New Product (product name)
  • How Our Toothbrush Helps Remove 50% More Plaque
  • What You Should Know About Effective Dieting

These subject lines are effective because they show the information that will be given in the email and spark curiosity for the viewer to want to know more. 

Promotional and Sales Email Subject Lines

Engaging subject lines are crucial to increasing email engagement . Your promotional email copy will not be effective if your subscribers don’t open the email, so it’s essential to pique their curiosity right away. Examples of effective promotional email subject lines are:

  • It’s Cold Outside, Warm Up With This Hot Weekend Sale
  • Hey (customer name), This Product Is Perfect For You!
  • Our Biggest Sale of the Year!

A promotional email should make subscribers curious and want to know more. By following a similar structure to these subject line examples, you can boost the opens, link clicks, and conversions on your promotional email marketing customer engagement campaigns

Subject Line for First Email to a New Lead

It’s important to write an effective subject line when reaching out to a new lead, so you can make a good first impression. This will help you get on the right track to converting this new lead into a paying customer. Examples of subject lines for a first email to a new lead are:

  • (Referral name) recommended that I reach out to you
  • Here’s the information you requested
  • Welcome to (email list name/company name) – Let’s get started!

When sending an email to a new lead, you will want to ensure it is personalized to the lead’s needs and why you are reaching out to them. You can follow the structure in these examples to create effective subject lines for the first email to your new leads. 

How AudiencePoint Can Help You Create Good Email Subject Lines

The subject line of your email is the first impression your email recipients get. You can write more catchy email subject lines for your marketing campaigns by keeping them brief, sparking curiosity, and highlighting value. 

If you would like additional help with email marketing, AudiencePoint’s email engagement insight software can assist. Our software gathers data about your email marketing campaigns, so you can optimize send times, manage your email list, and re-engage inactive subscribers. This valuable data will help you streamline your email campaign and create email subject lines based on user engagement.

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