Is it unprofessional to send an email on Sunday?

Is It Unprofessional To Send An Email On Sunday?

Mar 16, 2023

AudiencePoint Team

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If you’re wondering about the best day and time to send an email, you’re not alone. It’s a common concern that’s on email marketers’ and business professionals’ minds.

This article will cover if it’s unprofessional to send emails on Sundays and resources that will help you find the best times to send new email content

Is It Bad To Send An Email On The Weekend?

It could be bad to send an email on the weekend if it’s to your boss, co-workers, or employees. Many people don’t like it when their coworkers or boss email on weekends. It can be seen as unprofessional. You want to ensure your workplace has a good work-life balance. 

Is It Bad To Send Marketing Emails On The Weekend?

Marketing emails are different from professional workplace emails. It’s not unprofessional to email your subscribers marketing content on the weekend. 

Most email subscribers won’t really think about what day you send them content. However, there are some days of the week when your subscribers may be more likely to engage with new content. 

As far as engagement rates, email content tends to perform worse on the weekends. Drops in engagement over the weekend are due to people being busy running errands, spending time with family or friends, or relaxing from a long work week. Many people aren’t primed to engage with content during the weekend. 

That said, the best day to send emails ultimately comes down to your audience. Some types of audiences may be the most engaged over the weekend. In that case, the weekend could be the best time to send email content. 

Is It Okay To Send An Email On Sunday?

If it’s a professional email to someone in your workplace, the best idea would be to wait until Monday unless it’s an emergency. 

On the other hand, if you’re wondering if you should send your next email marketing promotion on Sunday, it could work. 

Statistically, Sundays usually get a bit more engagement than Saturdays, so if you’re going to email on the weekend, Sunday is the better option

Once again, it ultimately comes down to your audience. If your audience is most engaged on Sunday, it could be the best time to send a marketing email. 

When Is The Best Time To Send An Email To Get A Response?

According to studies on the best time to send emails, the times with the most engagement are during the middle of the day, between 9am-3pm. If you want a response to your marketing email, sending it earlier will be better. Between 9am-12pm will be your best bet. 

How AudiencePoint Can Help You Find the Best Time to Send Emails

While there are general trends that are helpful to follow, the best time to send email ultimately depends on your audience. You want to send emails right when your subscribers are already engaging with their inboxes.

That’s where AudiencePoint’s Send Time Optimization (STO) tool comes in. This tool uses information from our huge second party data pool to figure out exactly when your subscribers are interacting with their inboxes. This is a game changer because most STO tools simply look at data gathered from how your subscribers interact with your emails at different times, not how they interact with their inboxes as a whole. The best part is that our STO tool integrates easily with all of the major email service providers, so it is simple to set up and use with already existing campaigns.

If you’re ready to figure out the best time to send emails to your audience, contact AudiencePoint today. We’d love to answer any questions you may have about our Send Time Optimization tool and show you how it can help your company simplify email marketing.