Is Sunday a good time to send an email?

Is Sunday A Good Time To Send An Email?

Mar 16, 2023

AudiencePoint Team

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A common concern in email marketing is whether you’re sending content on the right days or at the right time. If you’re wondering if Sunday is a good time to send an email or which day of the week is best to send email content, we have the answers. Read on to get all the details. 

Is It Bad To Send An Email On The Weekend?

The weekend could be a bad time to send emails, especially if they’re professional business emails. If you’re sending emails to your boss, co-workers, or employees on the weekend, it could be seen as unprofessional if your company runs a Monday-Friday work week. 

However, it isn’t necessarily bad or unprofessional to send marketing email content to consumers on weekends. Your email subscribers likely won’t pay much attention to what day of the week you send content. So nobody will see it as unprofessional if you send promotional content during the weekend. 

Although, statistically speaking, consumers engage with email content much less over the weekend. That means that if you send content, there’s a chance it won’t perform as well. 

Is Sunday A Good Time To Send An Email?

On that topic, you may wonder if Sunday is a good time to send marketing email content. According to studies on this topic, Sunday is one of the worst days to send email content. Usually, both Saturday and Sunday perform worse in terms of engagement than other days during the week. 

Is It Better To Send An Email Saturday Or Sunday?

While emails on the weekend don’t perform as well, if you had to choose between Saturday and Sunday, you should go with Sunday. Most studies have found that Saturday is the worst-performing day of the week for email content. 

Many consumers are busy on Saturdays running errands or spending time with friends and family. On the other hand, Sunday can be a day when some people are more likely to check emails as they’re getting ready for the new work week on Monday. 

However, if you want to follow the data on this topic, avoiding the weekend is the best option. 

Is It Better To Send An Email On Friday Or Monday?

If you want to avoid the weekend but really want to get that next piece of content out, you might wonder whether Friday or Monday would be better. In this instance, Monday will be your best option. People are much more likely to engage with email content at the beginning of a new week than on Friday when they’re getting ready for the weekend. 

What Is The Best Day To Send A Marketing Email?

Now that we have all that covered, you’re probably still wondering which day of the week is best to send a marketing email. Studies have concluded the top three days to send email content in order of best performance are:

  1. Tuesday
  2. Thursday
  3. Wednesday

Tuesday tends to be the best-performing day for email content. It’s early in the week, so people’s minds are fresh and ready to take action. This means they’re primed to engage with new email content. Overall, the middle of the week tends to perform best since people actively check their emails the most during this time, so Wednesday and Thursday are great options too. 

The Best Day To Send Emails Will Vary Based On Your Audience

The best day to send emails really comes down to your specific audience. Studies on the best days to send emails tracked consumer data across industries. While these give good averages, consumers on varying schedules will engage with emails more often on different days. So you must track data for how your specific subscribers interact with content. 

AudiencePoint can help you do this effectively with our easy-to-implement tools. AudiencePoint’s email insight software tracks how subscribers interact with content to give actionable recommendations on the best days and times to send content. This makes it easier than trying to sift through data on your own to find out the best day to send content. 

What Time Of Day Is Best To Send An Email?

Along with the best day to send emails, you’re probably also looking for the best time of day to send content. Consumer data indicates that the middle of the day, between 9am-3pm, is the best time to send emails. People on a 9-5 schedule are most likely to be actively checking their emails during this time. 

However, like the best day to send emails, this can vary. Someone who works the third shift will have a different schedule than someone who works a 9-5. Knowing the data on your specific audience will be the best bet to properly optimize send times. To do that effectively, AudiencePoint is the answer. 

How Audiencepoint Can Help You Reach Your Email Marketing Goals

Optimizing email send times is important. If your content lands in a subscriber’s inbox when they’re most likely to check their emails, you’ll be near the top of their list as one of the most recent. This gives you a much better chance of them seeing and opening your email. AudiencePoint can help you get these results consistently with our Send Time Optimization Tool (STO). 

Unlike other Send Time Optimization tools on the market, our STO tool utilizes information from a huge pool of second-party data to determine when your subscribers are most likely to be active in their inboxes. This helps you know the best time to send your emails from the start. You won’t need to waste time performing test campaigns to gather your own data. It also helps you avoid the inevitable biases that come with only looking at data from your own campaigns. Our STO tool integrates seamlessly with all major email service providers, so you can get the information you need to immediately start optimizing your current campaigns. 

If you’re interested in optimizing your email send times and streamlining your email marketing strategy, contact AudiencePoint today. We’d love to discuss how we could help.