What is the best time to send promotional emails

What Is the Best Time to Send Promotional Emails?

Feb 28, 2023

AudiencePoint Team

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If you’re trying to get the best results from email marketing, you may wonder what time is best for sending promotional email content. This article will provide you with what you need to know about the best days and times to send marketing emails. Keep reading to get all the details. 

What Is the Best Time of Day to Send Marketing Emails?

Many studies have been conducted on the best time of day to send marketing emails. One study from Moosend found that email open rates typically start to peak around 8 or 9am and will drop after 6pm. Within this time range, most studies have concluded that between 9am-3pm is the best time to send marketing emails

However, one downfall of this data is it was collected from businesses across industries. This means it doesn’t provide conclusive evidence for industry-specific email marketing needs. 

For instance, busy people like lawyers, doctors, or entrepreneurs may have different times of day when they are most likely to check their emails compared to someone working the average 9-5 job. 

This means you must know how your specific audience engages with email content. AudiencePoint’s Send Time Optimization tool can help with this by collecting data on how consumers interact with their inboxes and giving you actionable insights on the best time of day to send your content. 

What Is the Best Day to Send Marketing Emails?

Many studies have concluded that the best days to send marketing emails are during the middle of the week, with the best days being Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Typically, most research has found Tuesday to be the best day of the week for marketing emails. 

Tuesday is a great day to send email content, since it is early in the week, likely when someone’s energy to engage with content is the highest. It’s a nice sweet spot between Mondays, which can be hectic, and later days in the week, when many people’s energy can start to diminish. 

Weekends are typically the worst days to send email content, since many people are busy with other activities and not checking their inboxes. 

However, like the best time to send emails, this is also subjective and will vary based on the specific audience you are targeting. Your best bet will be to track your email engagement metrics and figure out which days subscribers are most engaged with their email inboxes. 

What Is the Best Day to Send Cold Emails?

If you’re sending emails to cold leads, you may be wondering if the best day to send emails changes for this purpose. Typically, Tuesday will also be the best day to send cold emails. The same principle of consumers being more likely to engage during the middle of the week still applies here. 

However, you should pay attention to the specific audience you’re targeting with cold email content. If your target audience has different work days or times, the best day to send cold emails could vary. 

What Time Is Best to Send Cold Emails?

Studies have found the best time to send cold emails is between 8-11am. Cold emails typically get better response rates earlier in the day when business professionals have more time to consider them. Unlike marketing email content, where you could wait until the afternoon, getting your cold emails out first thing in the morning will often be the best bet. 

Is It Unprofessional to Send Emails at Certain Times?

It can be unprofessional to send emails at certain times depending on the type of email content. 

For instance, if you’re sending cold emails, your prospective clients may find it a bit unprofessional if you’re sending them a business proposal at 3am. This can send a message that you keep a hectic schedule that makes you come across as less professional or trustworthy as a potential addition to someone’s business team. 

The same can be said for work-related emails. If you’re emailing your boss, employees, or co-workers late at night or super early in the morning, it can send a bad message. It’s best to keep these emails to normal work hours, outside of extenuating circumstances. 

However, for marketing email content, there isn’t necessarily a professional or unprofessional time to send emails. You can get a bit more unconventional here, since generally consumers won’t usually care what time you sent them an email. 

Some groups of consumers may even check their emails most at midnight, 5am, or other unconventional times of the day. This means you have to figure out when your audience is most likely to check their inboxes. If you want to do this effectively, AudiencePoint can help.

How AudiencePoint Can Help with Your Email Marketing Strategy

AudiencePoint’s email insight software tracks important data on how consumers interact with your content and gives you actionable ideas on how to improve email campaigns. 

AudiencePoint uses easy-to-implement tools to track data, help you optimize email send times, and analyze subscriber activity. This will help you find the best day and time to send email content, segment your email list, and re-engage inactive subscribers. 

To learn more about how AudiencePoint can help improve your email strategy, contact us today.