What time of day is best to send an email?

What Time of Day Is Best to Send an Email?

Apr 27, 2023

AudiencePoint Team

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Sending an email at the right time can provide a boost to your email marketing engagement. This article will dive into the best times to send email marketing content and strategies that will help you optimize send times. Keep reading to get all the details. 

Is Time of Day Important When Sending an Email?

The time of day is important when sending marketing email content. Several studies have found that there are certain times of the day when consumers are more likely to engage with new content. 

Sending emails at those times helps you reach email subscribers when they are most likely to convert and take other targeted actions. It can provide a significant boost to your key email success metrics. 

Sending at the Right Time Helps You Stand Out from Competitors

Along with emailing subscribers when they’re most likely to engage, sending at the right time can help you stand out from the competition. The average person receives hundreds of emails each day. With so much clutter in email inboxes, it’s important to do everything possible to help your brand stand out. 

One of the things you can do is send an email right before your subscribers usually check their inboxes. If you can time your email right, it’ll be at the top of their inbox. Subscribers will see your email before any other piece of content, giving you the best chance to catch their attention. AudiencePoint’s Send Time Optimization Tool can help you easily do this. We use our large pool of second-party data to inform you about how your subscribers interact with their inboxes before you ever send your first campaign. This means you get higher engagement right away without having to perform test campaigns first.

Is Sending Marketing Emails After the Work Day Unprofessional?

There isn’t a professional or unprofessional time to send email marketing content. Your email subscribers won’t think much about what time you email them. 

The right timing for marketing email content depends on when your subscribers will most likely engage. If you notice high engagement with your audience after work hours, sending marketing emails at that time would be the most optimal. 

That being said, most people tend to read emails on weekdays during the day, so most of the time, it is not best practice to send marketing emails at night.

When Should I Send Email Marketing Emails?

Many studies have been done on the best days and times to send marketing emails. Knowing time ranges based on data can help you plan the most optimal email marketing strategy. 

What Is the Best Day to Send an Email?

Based on research, the best days to send marketing email content are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 

These days get higher engagement rates because they are in the middle of the week. It’s a time when the average person is most engaged with email content. Many people also have the highest energy levels during the middle of the week. 

What Is The Best Time of Day to Send an Email?

Research has found the best time of day for high email engagement rates is 9am-3pm. Targeting this time range during the middle of the average person’s workday can work well, since they are likely checking their inboxes frequently for work and personal emails. It’s much more likely you can catch a subscriber’s attention and get them to engage. 

Timing for Marketing Emails Depends on Your Audience

Knowing the average best times and days to send marketing emails is great. However, what you really need is data on how your audience engages. It’s the same concept as customizing other marketing strategies for your target market. There are many different types of consumers who have varying schedules and lifestyles. 

While something in the timeframe of 9am-3pm on Tuesday may be great for some, it won’t work for every consumer. For example, someone who works at a bakery and gets up early may engage best at 5am. On the other hand, someone who works third-shift may be on break at 1am and engage the most at that time. 

If you want to know the time when your subscribers are most likely to engage, there are tools that can help. AudiencePoint offers excellent options that may fit your needs. 

How Audiencepoint Can Help With Your Email Marketing Strategy

AudiencePoint offers email insight software that tracks data from email subscribers and provides actionable insights to improve your email marketing strategy. 

One of the tools offered by AudiencePoint is called Send Time Optimization (STO). This tool takes data collected from a large pool of second-party data and pinpoints exact time ranges where your subscribers will most likely be interacting with their inboxes. 

This keeps you from having to perform extensive test campaigns to figure out which times work best for your subscribers. You can implement STO to any existing campaign and start getting better engagement right away. 

To learn more about how AudiencePoint can help you take your email marketing to the next level, contact us today