Is it better to send email on Sunday or Monday

Is It Better to Send an Email on Sunday or Monday?

Mar 16, 2023

AudiencePoint Team

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Trying to figure out the right time to send marketing emails can be confusing. You may wonder, “is it better to send an email on Sunday or Monday?” Or you may think, “Which day of the week leads to the highest engagement rates on email content?” 

Whatever the question, if you want to learn about email send times, this article will have the answer for you. We’ll dig into the best days and times to send emails, if it’s better to send them on Sunday or Monday, and other resources that can help. 

What Is The Best Time Of The Week To Send Emails?

The best day and time of the week to send emails has been a topic of discussion in email marketing for some time now. Many studies have been done to try to answer this question. What they’ve determined is the middle of the week between Tuesday-Thursday are the best days to send marketing email content.

The middle of the week works best because it’s when people tend to be the most active in checking their inboxes. So if you send an email on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, there’s a better chance it’ll be well-received and get good engagement. 

What Is The Best Time To Send Marketing Emails?

Other discussions have also been ongoing about the best time of day to send marketing emails. From studies that have been done on the most optimal times to send marketing email content, earlier in the day is usually best. 

The optimal time range is from 9am-3pm. It covers the period from when people first get into work up until when they start to check out near the end of the day. 

Is It Ok To Send An Email On Sunday Or Should I Wait Until Monday Morning?

Usually, whether you’re sending a marketing or a professional business email, you should send it on Monday morning if it can wait until then. 

In the business world, sending a work email to employees, coworkers, or your boss on the weekend can be seen as unprofessional. That means waiting until Monday would be best unless it’s an emergency. 

On the other hand, marketing emails can be a bit different. It isn’t unprofessional to send marketing email content on Sundays. However, from the studies on this topic, days on the weekend tend to have much lower engagement rates. 

From a statistical perspective, this would put you at a disadvantage if you choose to send an email on Sunday. You’ll likely get better engagement rates if you send on Monday morning, when more people are actively getting into their new work week. 

Should You Send an Apology with Marketing Emails Sent on the Weekend?

You don’t need to send an apology for sending marketing content on the weekend. While some days of the week can get more engagement than others, your subscribers won’t really care or think much of it if you’re emailing them on the weekend. 

Why Send Times Matter for Marketing Emails

As mentioned earlier, engagement rates can fluctuate on different days of the week. There are days when consumers are more likely to open email content and engage with it than others. If you can send emails when your subscribers are most likely to engage, it gives you a higher probability of success.  

There’s also a lot of competition in email marketing. Consumers receive hundreds of marketing emails every day. If you want your email content to stand out, sending it at the exact right time when they’re going to check their inbox can do just that. 

If you send content right before someone checks their inbox, your email will appear at the top of their list as one of the most recent. Being near the top of the list gives you a better chance of subscribers seeing your email, opening it, and engaging before they have their attention taken away by something else or someone else’s content. 

The Best Way To Optimize Send Times Is Understanding Your Audience

While the studies on this topic are great, they can only go so far in analyzing consumer data. All studies conducted were on the best days and times to send emails across industries

This means it gives you good time ranges for the average consumer, but not everyone is average. You don’t get exact days and times that are pinpointed for your audience’s specific needs. 

What you really need to know is your specific audience. Everyone has different schedules, and consumers engage with email content from different industries in varying ways. For that, AudiencePoint can help. 

How AudiencePoint Can Help with Your Email Marketing

AudiencePoint is the best way to optimize email send times. Our Send Time Optimization (STO) tool makes this process easy by giving you actionable recommendations based on data collected from how your subscribers interact with content. Unlike other STO tools, we gather information about your subscribers from a large second-party data pool, rather than simply relying on their reactions to your emails alone. This helps you understand your audience’s inbox behavior before you ever even send your first campaign.

Along with Send Time Optimization, AudiencePoint also offers a tool called ListFit. ListFit tracks subscriber activity to help you identify and re-engage email subscribers, along with helping you accurately segment your email list. 

Through AudiencePoint, you’ll get accurate recommendations for the best days and times to send content and how to best engage segmented categories of your email list. All these actionable insights make improving your email strategy easy. 

Contact AudiencePoint today to see how we can simplify email marketing for your business.