How do you check the email is valid or not

How Do You Check the Email Is Valid or Not?

Nov 02, 2023

AudiencePoint Team

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Email marketers often run into a situation where they’ve been building an email list only to run into many of their subscribers having invalid, spam, dormant, or fake email addresses. That’s probably left you wondering what you should do to find valid addresses. How do you validate email addresses and achieve a valid email address list? Is there an email address verification tool? Can you use an email checker? Is there a catch-all address verifier?

In this article, we’ll cover what you need to know about how to check if an email is valid or not. That’ll include everything from the best email verification tools to manual ways you could verify new subscribers for legitimacy. Plus we discuss how an email verification service can help your sender reputation, remove a fake address, and avoid spam traps. Keep reading for all the details. 

How Do You Check Whether an Email Is Valid or Not?

There are a few ways to see if and email address is valid or if the email address exists at all. To validate new emails that are added to your list, you’ll want to go through a complete verification process to ensure you’re only adding real and legitimate subscribers. This can include many tools and best practices to ensure the long-term health of your list. 

How Do I Verify an Email?

To start, the best way to verify an email list is with the help of email verification tools, also known as email verifiers. Email verification tools are software programs that will help you validate emails automatically in the background as you work to build your list. They’re a helpful addition to any email marketing strategy. 

How Does an Email Verifier Work?

When you use an email verifier, you’ll have a couple of different options. 

First, marketers will benefit from doing an initial verification when someone signs up for their list. There are two ways to accomplish this initial verification. The first is sending an initial email with a code the user needs to input or a button they need to press to show they have access to the inbox of the email address they listed. Then, they’ll be successfully added to the list. The second way is using a bulk verification provider to run a verification check on a new email address without having to send anything. Most bulk email checkers will allow you to connect your forms with their service to verify new signups in real time.

Bulk verifiers will also help when you have an already established list. They run several processes in the background, like SMTP checks and looking up IP addresses to help identify any fake or spam emails on your list. 

Bulk verifiers

Where Can You Find an Email Verifier? 

There are several places where you can find email verifiers or an email validation service. Email verification websites are a common starting point for many marketers or business owners who are just starting out. That’s often where you’ll find the best free email verifiers where you can input one email at a time, and they’ll run some processes in the background to tell you if it’s real and active. 

However, these solutions aren’t the most reliable or the best long-term solution for serious email marketers. Inputting one email at a time is a slow and tedious process. When you have thousands of emails on your list, that’s too time-consuming when you have other business-related tasks to handle. 

You’re better off going with a paid email verification software that can help streamline this process. 

What Is the Best Method for Verifying an Email’s Legitimacy and Purging Invalid Addresses?

If you’re looking for the best solution for email verification, our insight software at AudiencePoint can help. 

At AudiencePoint, we offer an email verification solution that’s a bit different than other options available. That’s because we take checks above and beyond by getting to know how your audience engages with content and using second-party data to provide even more knowledge about how consumers engage with emails. 

Plus, when you use AudiencePoint, we can provide long-term solutions and results. Our insight software is capable of continuously monitoring your email list and subscriber activity. That way, whenever subscribers become inactive, you can attempt to re-engage them or remove them if their email becomes dormant in the future. Think of it as an email list cleaner.

email verification solution

How Do You Check If an Email Is Valid Without Sending an Email Verification Code?

Many email marketers will wonder about how to check if an email is valid without sending emails when they have a list that’s established but was never verified. 

There are manual ways to do this, like running DNS records, pinging servers, and checking IP addresses using tools like MXToolbox and PuTTY for Telnet. However, those are pretty technical processes and tedious to do for busy marketers. 

Ultimately, the best way to verify an email address without sending emails will be using an insight software like AudiencePoint that can use the power of second-party data and detailed analysis. 

Our second-party data, which accounts for 90% of U.S. consumers, can help identify which emails are fake or dormant ahead of time to give you a leg up and optimize your list accordingly. 

What Tools Can I Use to Check If My Email Is Spam in the Mail Server?

Many marketers also wonder about their business email’s domain registering as spam. This is especially common if you’ve had a lot of email bounces or other negative effects from a previously unverified list. 

There are many tools and websites available that can help with this. Mail Tester and Sender Score are two popular options for this. Mail Tester will help you send an email delivery test to see how likely it is to land in spam folders, and Sender Score will give you details about your overall domain reputation in the eyes of email inbox providers. .

Additionally, suppose you want to optimize your email marketing strategy to ensure your emails don’t look spammy or fix any ongoing issues that are identified. In that case, AudiencePoint can assist with all your needs. 

What Tools Can I Use to Check If My Email Is Spam in the Mail Server_

How AudiencePoint Can Help Verify Email Addresses and More

AudiencePoint offers email insight software and email marketing solutions and tools. It works using a set of three tools called Real Time Optimization, Send Time Optimization, and ListFit, which provide you with actionable insights to improve your email strategy. 

These tools are all easy to implement and will provide you with insights that help:

  • Understand how subscribers are engaging in real-time. 
  • Segment your email list. 
  • Identify and re-engage inactive subscribers. 
  • Suppress dormant emails. 
  • Validate new subscribers. 
  • Send content at the right time. 

To learn more about how AudiencePoint can fit in with your email marketing needs, contact us today.