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Aug 22, 2023


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Companies that want to build a healthy and successful email list will want to ensure all the subscribers who sign up are using a real and active email address. In the search to improve your deliverability, you may have come across the term bulk email checker. 

So what is a bulk email checker, and how does an email checker fit into your email marketing strategy? Stick around for all the details.

What Are a Bulk Email Checker and a Bulk Email Verification Service?

A bulk email checker (sometimes referred to as a bulk email verifier or verification service) is a type of email address verification tool designed for bulk email lists that have already been established. These checkers are software programs just like email marketing platforms and other software you may use to improve your overall marketing efforts. 

Why Do You Need a Bulk Email Checker?

Many email marketers can run into issues when they’ve built an email list but didn’t put subscribers through an initial verification upon signup. Particularly, it leads to several email bounces that hurt deliverability and even decrease overall engagement rates over time. When this gets out of hand, it can be difficult to recover from. 

Plus, those who have had an active and ongoing email list for some time can also benefit from bulk verification. After all, only some stick with the same email address forever. That means, over time, you can accrue more dormant emails on your list that hurt deliverability rates. 

How Do Bulk Checkers Work?

Bulk email verifiers allow you to do a quick email verification of your whole list. They process through several checks in the background, like SMTP checks, looking for syntax misspellings, and IP address lookups, among other processes. It’s a real and accurate way to clean up your list. 

Is Bulk Mail the Same as Spam?

Bulk mail is not the same as spam. When an email marketer sends bulk mail, it refers to sending an email newsletter or promotion to a large email list. These are typically the larger companies that have tens or hundreds of thousands of subscribers on email lists. 

What’s the Relationship Between Bulk Mail and Spam?

While bulk mail itself isn’t spam, it can be flagged as spam by email service providers (ESPs). Today, ESPs have several safeguards in place to protect consumers who use their services due to the mass amounts of spam online. While these safeguards are important, they can hurt owners of large email lists who are simply trying to reach their audience. 

The reason why bulk mail can get flagged as spam is sending a mass amount of emails is a typical trait from spam accounts. Plus, it can also trigger additional flags if your email list has grown a lot over a short period of time. So while growing your list is an amazing success, associated deliverability issues are something you must be wary of. 

How You Can Prevent Deliverability Issues with Bulk Mail

Companies with large email lists don’t want to be relegated to sending emails in small quantities all the time. So how do I fix email deliverability issues?

Tools That Help with Bulk Email Sends

First, several excellent tools are available that help with deliverability on bulk email sends to prevent them from getting flagged as spam. A notable option is GreenArrow which can be used to send hundreds of thousands of emails simultaneously, all on one server. 

Tools That Help Maintain a Healthy Email List

In addition to using a deliverability tool when sending emails, you also must ensure proper list hygiene when you have a large email list. For example, you don’t want a list of with the incorrect email address of someone you are trying to reach. A great way to rid your list of invalid email addresses is with our email insight software at AudiencePoint. 

With AudiencePoint, you can easily keep tabs on email subscriber activity, even with extensive lists. AudiencePoint makes the process easy by providing you with actionable insights in a way that’s much easier to understand and implement. 

Our insight software can help you segment your list, improve send times, re-engage subscribers, and suppress dormant emails to boost deliverability.  

Is Mail Tester Legit?

When looking for ways to improve the deliverability of your emails, a simple and essential step is ensuring your SPF and DKIM for your domain are set up correctly. Mail Tester is a free tool that is built to help you check that everything is alright on that end. 

Mail Tester is legit and is a well-known tool for its accuracy in testing that your SPF and DKIM are set up correctly and notifying you of any common spam flags associated with your domain. 

Mail tester is very good at ensuring you are setup to send from a domain but there are a is a lot more you need to do to make sure you can start sending. Email validation tools like the ones at AudiencePoint are required for serious email marketers to get all the necessary insights needed to improve their email campaigns and maintain high engagement rates. 

Is There a Free Tool to Verify Bulk Email Addresses?

There are free tools that can do bulk email verification. A notable free bulk email verifier option is Bouncer Email Verification. It’s a 100% free option that allows you to submit your list and analyze it. However, while it’s a good starter tool, it has many limitations. 

First, it only lets you know if your list is good to go or not. If it actually needs to be cleaned, you’ll need to pay for that portion. Plus, the results it gives you aren’t 100% accurate since Bouncer only checks a random portion of your email list, not the full thing. That means, even if it says your list is good, it could’ve just checked a section of it that was good and missed an invalid email address elsewhere. 

To really get the best results, you need paid tools like AudiencePoint that help authenticate and optimize your entire list. AudiencePoint uses our second-party data and ongoing email list checks to keep your list clean and verified. 

Is There a Website to Verify Email Addresses?

Many email marketers often search for an email checker online that can help verify email addresses. One of the popular cheap websites to help with this is called Bulk Email Checker. This website is a pretty solid option that guarantees 97% deliverability after using it. Plus, it’s pretty affordable for those who don’t have a huge budget. 

That said, you are still better off going with more advanced options like AudiencePoint to get the best results. AudiencePoint can do more and provide you with more insights all in one place. That way, you can get the metrics that help you improve email campaigns and verify your email list all in one place in a way that’s easy to understand. 

How Do You Test If an Email Will Bounce?

There are several methods that marketers can use to test if an email address will bounce. One of the most simple methods, if you have a single email to test, is sending an email to that email address from a different account than your primary domain. You don’t want to test on your main business domain since that can contribute to it getting flagged as spam. 

When you send an email to the recipient, you will get a message back if it bounces. Usually, it’ll say something along the lines of “server can’t be reached” or a similar message. Then you know it’s an unreachable email address and can remove it from your list. 

While this method is fairly accurate for checking if your content will bounce, it certainly isn’t a scalable option. Think about how long it would take for you to go one by one through a 10,000-subscriber email list. It wouldn’t be feasible for busy marketers and business owners with a lot on their plates. 

Other Manual Methods to Check If an Email Will Bounce or Is Sent to Invalid Addresses

Along with directly sending an email to the email address in question, there are also other manual testing methods. These include checking for syntax misspellings, usernames that look spammy, IP address checks, DNS checks, and pinging the servers. 

However, each of these options is also very time-consuming. You’d have to go one by one through all your subscribers, and you still wouldn’t have all the data verifying that emails aren’t spam or if subscribers are actively checking for content. 

How Do You Verify If an Email Address is Real or Fake with a Bulk Email Verifier?

Ultimately, as you can probably see, using an email verification tool is your best option to verify if an email address on your list is real or not. Using insight software like AudiencePoint is an excellent idea to continually stay on top of all your subscriber activity so you can re-engage subscribers if they become inactive or remove dormant email addresses from your list. 

What Is Email Scrubbing?

Email list scrubbing is the process of cleaning up your email list. There are several tools that may be used for this, referred to as email list cleaners. These tools will help you remove unengaged subscribers, fake accounts, or emails that trigger spam signals. 

All of this will ensure you’re only emailing subscribers who are real and really want to receive content from you. 

If you’re looking for help with email list scrubbing or want to boost engagement rates, AudiencePoint can assist with your needs. 

How AudiencePoint Can Help with Bulk Email Verification

Email marketing can be full of issues like spam traps and duplicate emails, that ultimately inhibit your marketing efforts. AudiencePoint’s email insight software can help you improve deliverability and engagement rates. It’s the best way to ensure you maintain a healthy email list for the long term. 

AudiencePoint stands out as an excellent option through our use of multi-point checks that help ensure accuracy and success. 

Our use of second-party data can provide additional information about subscribers since it identifies if they’re active on other companies’ email lists to assist in verification. 

On top of that, we use the most up-to-date metrics with today’s email marketing needs, including aspects like isolating Apple MPP opens from reporting that can provide false activity metrics from inactive accounts. 

All the insights provided to you from AudiencePoint are given in real-time to help you make quick decisions about the best times to send content and optimize for success. 

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