How accurate are email validation services

How Accurate Are Email Validation Services?

Dec 08, 2023

AudiencePoint Team

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You’re considering investing in email validation services or tools, but you want to make sure you’ll get the results you’re looking for with them. Many email marketing professionals face problems with fake or invalid email addresses ending up on their lists, causing bounces, so it’s common to have a lot of questions associated with validation tools. 

This article will cover what email validation is, the accuracy of email validation software, and how an email address verification tool can fit into your email list growth strategy. Keep reading to get all the details. Plus learn how to check email deliverability and help you avoid spam traps and up your sender reputation.

What Is Email Validation?

In simple terms, email validation is a process used to determine whether email addresses are legitimate. You need email validation to help when building an email list due to the number of spam bots that sign up for lists with fake emails, consumers inputting fake emails to get around account signup requirements or even simple user errors where emails get misspelled. 

Whatever the case, fake or invalid emails on your list will bounce. When you start to have too many of your marketing emails bouncing, it can have several negative effects on your business domain’s reputation. It can continuously lower engagement and even cause your content to automatically land in spam folders. 

To prevent all those negative impacts, you can deploy an email bounce checker or validation tools, which are software programs that can help. They use several automated processes that work in the background to verify subscribers who sign up for email lists or even to help you authenticate an email list that has already been established. 

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How Accurate Is Email Validation?

While email validation may sound great, you’re probably wondering how accurate it is. Ultimately, the accuracy of email validation depends on many factors. 

For instance, some marketers may try manual methods to validate emails. It is possible by doing things like checking for syntax misspellings or manually pinging servers. However, there’s human error involved here, which can lower the accuracy. Not to mention that manual methods are very tedious and too cumbersome when you have a big email list. 

On the other hand, and email validation tool or service is much more accurate. When they automate processes like SMTP verification, reviewing for syntax misspellings, and running DNS records, tools are able to operate with much higher accuracy and efficiency throughout the process. It’s a great benefit for busy marketers who need a quick solution. 

How Accurate Are Email Validation Services?

Most email list validator tools range from 95-99% accuracy. It does depend on the type of tool, as some will provide more accurate results than others. Ultimately, most marketers will find that going with premium paid solutions provides the best results. 

When you do a quick search online for email verification tools, you’ll find many free websites that offer services. However, you usually have to input one email address at a time, which is very time-consuming. Plus, free tools don’t do thorough enough checks to ensure great accuracy. 

The better option is premium solutions like our insight software at AudiencePoint. We provide a range of verification solutions, from initial verification that happens right away when someone signs up for your list to bulk verification for already established email lists. 

Whichever option you choose, we can ensure accuracy since our software uses a combination of second-party data and industry best practices like performing automatic verification upon signup for email lists to get you instant and accurate results. 

How Accurate Are Email Validation Services?

How Do Email Validation Services Work?

Along with accuracy, you’ll also want to know how email validation services and tools operate. It’ll give you more insight into choosing the best one for your needs. 

How the Initial Verification Process Works

When you do initial verification, the best practice is to use a tool like AudiencePoint that can integrate with signup forms and perform an API call in the background that can verify the email a new subscriber inputs immediately before they are added to your list. This is to ensure you only add subscribers with real and active inboxes in the first place. 

How a Bulk Email Verification Service Works

When you do bulk verification, the process is a bit more complex. Typically, most tools will take a series of steps and checks to ensure accurate results. They’ll start with simple checks like reviewing syntaxes for misspellings from common free email providers like Gmail, where users may purposely or accidentally misspell it, such as “” 

After those simple checks, the service will typically do an SMTP check, which pings the email server to see if it’s active. Plus, most will run DNS records to check the domain for spam signals and check IP addresses to verify the location of users.

Plus, when you use AudiencePoint, we go above and beyond by using second-party data that captures 85 trillion data signals yearly to provide more accurate results while also getting a better idea of how your new subscribers engage with their inboxes. It helps identify things like subscribers who have valid addresses but may be dormant and don’t engage. 

What Tool Can Validate Email Address: Email Validation Service

If you’re looking for the best email validation services, AudiencePoint is the right tool for the job. Our tools will help with initial verification and bulk verification to get accurate results each step of the way. Plus, on top of all of that, they’ll be able to provide you with insights to boost subscriber engagement in the process. 

How Accurate Are Email Validation Services?

How AudiencePoint Can Help with Email Verification Services

AudiencePoint offers email insight software. Whether you’re looking to boost engagement or verify an email list, we have solutions that can help. 

AudiencePoint’s tools Real Time Optimization, ListFit, and Send Time Optimization gather data about how your subscribers engage to provide you with actionable insights that help you easily improve email campaign performance. 

Those insights include:

  • Identifying dormant emails that should be removed
  • Identifying inactive subscribers who can be re-engaged
  • Real-time engagement data from email campaigns
  • How you can optimize send times
  • Recommendations to accurately segment your list

All these insights are easy to implement to take work off your busy schedule. 

Contact us today to learn more about how AudiencePoint can help.