Can you check if an email address is valid

How to Check If an Email Address Is Valid?

Nov 17, 2023

AudiencePoint Team

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When trying to improve your sender reputation or email marketing efforts, email validation tools can help you identify fake and invalid addresses in a jiffy. Marketers trying to establish a clean email list often run into several questions about how to check if an email address is valid. Most email addresses look pretty similar, so how do you distinguish between the real and fake ones when they’re added to your list? 

This article will contain all the tips, tricks, and information about email address verification tools that you need to know. Clean up your mail server, avoid an error message, and ensure that an email address exists with the right email verification service. Keep reading to find the right solution for your needs. 

Can You Check If an Email Address Is Valid?

So, can you verify email address ownership? Yes, you can. In fact, you will find several methods for this, from automated tools to manual processes. Let’s take a deeper dive into the options. 

How Do I Check If the Email Address Is Valid?

The best way to determine if an email address is valid is by using email verification tools. An email address validator tool typically comes in two different forms. You’ll have tools for initial verification when someone signs up for your list and bulk verification tools for already established email lists. 

The best way to determine if an email address is valid is by using email verification tools.

How Do You Perform an Initial Verification to Validate Email Addresses?

An initial verification, also called a confirmation, is common in today’s email marketing space. It involves an automated program sending an email verification code or button to a new subscriber’s listed email address when they first sign up for your list. 

Once the new subscriber passes that quick email verification by clicking that button or inputting the code, they’re successfully added to your list since it is confirmed that they have access to that inbox. 

How Do You Perform Bulk Verification?

Bulk verification is a bit different since it is tailored toward verifying email lists programmatically. Bulk email verification options allow for both verification in bulk for your whole list, and verification of new email addresses in real time as you collect them.

When you use a bulk verification tool to do new email list signup verification, you will generally connect your web signup form to the service. When a new subscriber signs up the bulk verification provider will let you know if the new address is verified or not in real time. 

When you use a bulk verification tool to verify your whole list, you’ll import the email addresses on your list, and the tool will automatically scan them in the background for signs that they are spam or fake. It’ll then give you any recommendations about emails that should be removed from the list. 

It’s a simple and easy process that takes seconds or minutes. 

Can I Verify Email Address Without Sending Emails?

If you’re wondering about verifying email addresses without sending emails, it is possible. The previously mentioned bulk email verifiers can help you with that. 

Otherwise, you could also do manual processes like checking for syntax misspellings, running DNS records, or performing IP address lookups. However, these manual processes are too tedious for email marketers with thousands of email addresses they’d have to review. 

Where Can I Verify Email Addresses?

Knowing the usefulness of email verification tools, you’re probably wondering where you can find one of these solutions. 

Where You Can Perform an Initial Verification

For the initial verification, you’ll find the ability to send a confirmation email upon signup with the most popular email marketing platforms like Mailchimp and Brevo. It’s a simple way to ensure you add real subscribers from the get-go. 

Where You Can Get Deeper Verification and Analysis

For deeper and more accurate analysis, you can use our email verification solution at AudiencePoint. Our insight software provides deeper analysis to understand if subscribers are real and determine if they actively check their inboxes. 

Many subscribers can sign up for email lists, but they actually have dormant email addresses, which means they never engage with much or any of the content they receive. 

You really don’t want to have these types of subscribers on your list since it causes low engagement, which can lead to many other problems and wasted time and money trying to market to them. 

That’s why our tools at AudiencePoint use a combination of second-party data and in-depth engagement metrics to help you thoroughly clean up your list with an email list cleaner.

Is There a Website To Check If an Email Address Is Valid?

Many email marketers will also wonder about how to verify email addresses online or look for email verification websites. There are several websites and resources for this, and many of them allow you to do free checks. That said, they might not always be the best solution for your needs. 

Is There a Website To Check If an Email Address Is Valid_

What Free Tool Can You Use To Verify If an Email Address Is Valid?

Some of the top free tools you can use to verify an email list are Bulk Email Checker and NeverBounce. They’re both good free options for email marketers just starting out that don’t have the budget for more premium solutions. 

That said, these options are limited. The free version of both requires you to input emails one at a time, which isn’t going to be effective for marketers with extensive lists that are continuously growing. They also don’t go through every possible check, like learning about how your audience interacts with content, like what our tools at AudiencePoint can do. 

How AudiencePoint Can Help

Email marketers looking for an email verification and engagement solution will benefit from our insight software at AudiencePoint. 

As mentioned, we take email verification to another level by using second-party data that accounts for 90% of U.S. consumers. It gives our tools all the information they need to know to perform accurate verification analysis. 

On top of that, once subscribers are on your list, our tools keep working in the background to identify dormant emails, subscribers that need to be re-engaged, and even give you strategies to improve how your content is performing. 

To learn more about what AudiencePoint has to offer, contact us today