What’s new at AudiencePoint?

May 13, 2021

AudiencePoint Team

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New products, new email data points, new website, new team members. Exciting things are happening at AudiencePoint. The best news? All the newness is translating to all-time great results for our clients and partners. Read on for a quick preview of all things fresh with our tech and our team.

New Products! ListFit – unprecedented visibility into any list

ListFit is opening up new levels of insight into subscriber engagement. Customers are going deep into the data, with new metrics and scores for subscriber engagement, sending frequency, recent activity tracking, and send time.

All this data goodness is presented in a simple-to-read report, making next steps easy to identify and execute. Give ListFit a try – risk-free – by running a test file or two and let’s see what we can uncover about your list.

ListFit - Email Insights

What is ListFit helping marketers do?

  • We’re helping clients mine dormant files to find recently active addresses, ripe for email re engagement
  • We’re spearheading “Engagement-Based Sending” – the new way to boost inbox rate by segmenting your list according to our handy engagement level metric. 
  • And we’re reducing subscriber burnout by illuminating the ideal sending frequency for those who engage more with less email volume. 

    Learn More About ListFit HERE

New featuresNow in beta: IP-to-Domain
B2B friends, want to know when a sales prospect is poking around your site or content so you can precisely time your sales email outreach? Yeah, we do that now. Get in touch to learn more.

A New Look For Our Website just got a fresh coat of paint with updated product information, case studies, blog content and more. Give it a look and let us know what you think!

New Team Members

Matt Thackston – Product – A veteran SaaS product leader, Matt joins the team to bring new products to market and deliver new innovations in email marketing optimization using AudiencePoint data. 

Will Brown – Sales – Retail and brand expert, Will joins the team to get ListFit in the hands of b2c marketers everywhere. 

Evan Frey – Sales – A seasoned sales leader in the email and data space, Evan jumped on board to bring AudiencePoint data products to key industries through partnerships and direct consumers. 

Say hello to us! 

We’d love to give you a tour of all the exciting new developments at AP. Just drop a time on our calendar and we’ll connect with a quick Zoom or call any time.