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ListFit unlocks deep insights about email subscriber behavior and engagement patterns to improve deliverability, sender reputation, opens, clicks, and revenue.


ListFit is powered by AudiencePoint Data, the industry’s most powerful email marketing dataset, containing over 481 million privacy-compliant email engagement profiles.

Put simply, it means we already know how your subscribers interact with the email programs from hundreds of others brands and senders before you even upload your list.

That means you get instant insights into your subscribers’ engagement patterns, trends, preferences and more. It’s like predictive email analytics!

How Does It Work?

By identifying the addresses on your list who are actually engaging with other senders in our datapool, we can determine if an email address is real, if it’s active, then algorithmically predict future behavior.

Decision-able data

Email activity scoring drives real decisions about whether or not to keep emailing a subscriber, increasing transparency and avoiding spam pitfalls.

Who Needs It?

The marketer trying to increase subscriber engagement

When trial and error campaign adjustments are slow to improve results, marketers turn to ListFit for insights and recommendation on when to send, how often, and to whom.

The marketer trying to improve delivery or sender reputation

ISPs closely monitor how subscribers interact with your email campaigns. And low engagement is a sure-fire way to get relegated to the promotions tab or worse. ListFit helps marketers find hidden cohorts of low and highly engaged subscribers, leading to more precise segmentation and better inboxing.

The marketer acquiring leads at point-of-sale

A subscriber signs up for an offer at the point of sale. She enters an email address to receive her offer. ListFit determines if that address is real & active, plus returns an engagement score based on how often that subscriber interacts with marketing emails.

The retailer with an aging list

A retailer wants to scrub their list for unengaged subscribers. A batch file is uploaded to ListFit, which scores each email address in the file for activity level. The retailer can now decide what the minimum threshold of engagement is for interaction. The inactive emails are quarantined until they show increased activity in the ListFit Global Data Pool.

The marketer using a contest to generate subscribers

A lead generation program is established to grow the email marketing program. A large volume of leads are generated, but there is no way to evaluate how “good” a lead is. The ListFit engagement score is used to understand the quality of the address, and if the lead has an affinity for the marketer’s industry.

The marketer trying to avoid spam traps.

An email marketer attempts to send email to their subscribers, but spam trap seed emails are added to the list unfairly, threatening the legitimate sender’s reputation. ListFit scores and ranks each email addresses by their activity, automatically segmenting those addresses that could negatively effect deliverability.

The marketer changing sending IP address

A brand moves their email deployments to new IP addresses. The top 40% engaged emails determined by ListFit can be used to warm the new IP addresses to increase deliverability and establish a quality sender profile.

The marketer driving sales through promotions

Highly engaged subscribers should receive better offers, more often.  ListFit can determine the ideal send frequency for each subscriber, based on their recent inbox activity and can dynamically segment your list for easy export to an ESP.

More and Better Data

Utilize our 2+ billion unique user profiles to identify subscribers that are engaging with brands and those that are not. Better data leads to better results.

Increase List Size

Rather than purge non-performing subscribers, purge only those that have an APScore of 0 and aren't engaging anywhere. By not removing subscribers that may engage, you are effectively growing your list.

Improve Deliverability

By eliminating the subscribers that are not engaging anywhere, your sender reputation with Mailbox Providers improves and more emails are delivered.

Send Time Optimization

Increase deliverability, open, click-thru and conversion rates by knowing the best time to send emails to each of your subscribers, individually.

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The AudiencePoint Global Data Pool uniquely identifies the subscribers that have a history of engagement and those that don’t.

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AudienceGraph API

Provides secure, developer-level access to the AudiencePoint data model. Audience-level data is aggregated, anonymized and secured, then made accessible through our robust, REST-based API.

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