What Is a Good Email Click Rate in 2022?

What Is a Good Email Click Rate in 2023?

Nov 18, 2022


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Click rate is a valuable metric to track and optimize email engagement success in 2023. This article will tell you what a good click rate is in 2023 and provide details about other key email marketing metrics. 

Why Do Companies Use Email Marketing?

Email is an effective marketing channel for brand promotions and generating brand awareness. Sending out consistent marketing emails for your brand will help you:

  • Build a positive brand image with your customer base.
  • Create more brand loyalty.
  • Connect with your audience.
  • Encourage sales and repeat customers.
  • Generate more leads, subscription sign-ups, and website traffic.

Tracking and improving key metrics like click rate, open rate, and click-to-open rate will lead to more successful email marketing campaigns.

How Effective Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a very effective marketing strategy and can be used by companies in any industry. The average ROI for email marketing is $36 for every $1 spent. This high ROI means that most companies should create optimized email marketing campaigns.

What Is the Email Open Rate Formula?

Email marketing open rate is the percentage of emails opened out of the total number of emails sent. The formula for open rate is: number of emails opened ÷ number of emails sent. 

Open rate is a key email metric, because your emails can’t be successful if your audience doesn’t open them in the first place. This means trying to get as high of an open rate as possible is essential, so the rest of your email copy has the chance to create link clicks, conversions, or brand awareness. 

What Is a Good Email Open Rate?

A good email open rate will depend on the specific industry you are in and the types of emails you send. The average email marketing open rate excluding Apple MPP proxy opens across all industries is 21.33%. This means that a good open rate for most industries would meet or exceed the average of 21.33%. If you’re looking for a general range to aim for, an open rate of between 17-28% is a good goal.

Effect of Apple MPP on Open Rate

While open rate is a great metric, the ability to track open rate accurately through email analytics tools has been impacted by Apple’s new mail privacy policy (MPP). This causes emails sent to Apple devices to be opened on Apple’s own proxy servers before they land in someone’s inbox. This inflates open rate numbers, making the metric less relevant. 

However, AudiencePoint is aware of this, and our email insight software can isolate Apple MPP opens from reporting to help provide accurate metrics that are still useful and relevant.

What Is a Good Email Click Rate in 2023?

Click rate, also known as click-through rate (CTR), is the percentage of email recipients who click a link in the email. Depending on the industry, a good email click rate in 2023 will range from 1% to 5%. The average email click rate across all industries is 2.62%, which means for many industries, a good click rate would be above the average of 2.62%. 

If you have a high click rate, it is a great sign that your content is engaging and leads email subscribers to take the next steps in the purchasing process. Optimizing elements in your emails, such as subject lines, body copy, design, and calls to action, are all ways you can improve your click rate in 2023. 

What is a Good Click-to-Open Rate?

Click-to-open rate (CTOR) is a metric that combines the click rate and open rate metrics to give additional insights into email marketing campaigns. CTOR is the percentage of recipients who click a link in an email out of the number of people who opened it.

Generally, click-to-open rate should be a higher percentage than click rate since those who open an email are already showing interest. The average email click-to-open rate is about 10.5% across all industries. In most industries, aiming for something higher than 10.5% would be a good CTOR. If you’re looking for a good range for your click-to-open rates, between 10%-15% is a good number to achieve. 


The main difference between click-through rate and click-to-open rate is that click-to-open rate uses the percentage of link clicks only from the people who actually open the email. CTOR is beneficial for knowing how well the email’s body copy influences people to take action. 

On the other hand, click-through rate is the percentage of people who click a link out of the total number of email recipients. CTR is beneficial for understanding how your emails are influencing your entire audience to take action. Both CTR and CTOR can be valuable metrics and can be used to determine which areas of your emails need improvement. 

What Does a Low CTOR Mean?

A low CTOR means that even though people are opening an email, the body copy, design, and call to action are not influencing them to take action or click a link. Knowing that you have a low CTOR will help you analyze the body content of your email to see what areas could be improved.

Aiming to boost your CTOR is mutually beneficial for your company and email subscribers. It leads to more conversions and engagement from your emails while giving your readers a better experience. 

How AudiencePoint Can Help

AudiencePoint’s email insight software can help you improve metrics like click rate, open rate, and click-to-open rate. Our email insight software provides actionable data that make managing and improving email campaigns easy with accurate data. Contact us today to learn more about how AudiencePoint can help you.