What free tool can you use to verify if an email address is valid

What Free Tool Can You Use to Verify an Email?

Nov 02, 2023

AudiencePoint Team

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When you find that you have a lot of spam or fake emails on your company’s email list, it can cause a lot of worries for marketers. For one, these inauthentic email addresses can boost your bounce rates substantially landing you in spam traps, and hurting your sender reputation. 

Low email deliverability can leave you in a poor place in the eyes of email inbox providers. Their algorithms may even identify your domain as spam, placing your content in the spam folder more often and limiting your visibility to subscribers after you put time and effort into creating content. 

That’s probably left you wondering what the best solution is for your needs. Is there a free email address verification tool? How can you identify valid email addresses? What is a bulk email verifier? We’ll break it all down in this article to help you make an educated decision for your needs. 

Is There a Way to Verify an Email Address?

There are several ways you can verify an email list. You’ll find solutions that involve software, manual analysis, and even more technical processes you can use to verify an email list. You can also consult an email verification service or email validation service. The following sections will break down all of the options available. 

How Do You Check If an Email Is a Valid Email Address?

One of the easiest ways to check if an email is valid and active is to do so before adding new subscribers to your list. This process is often called an email confirmation or initial verification. 

You’ve probably gone through this process before yourself. It’s when a company sends you a code you need to input or a button you need to click to your listed email address when you sign up for something. 

After consumers complete this quick email verification, they’ll be successfully added to the email list. It’s a simple way to ensure they have access to their inbox. 

That said, if you haven’t done this initial verification, things can feel a bit trickier. Fortunately, there are other solutions available. 

Another option is using a bulk verification attached to any email signup form. 

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Is There a Website to Verify Email Addresses?

Marketers who have an established email list but need to verify their subscribers may wonder about email verification online. There are several websites available that will allow you to input an email address, and they’ll run several processes in the background, like server pings and IP address checks, to verify that it is a real and active email. 

Some of the popular options for this kind of email verification are ZeroBounce and Bulk Email Checker

While tools like these can work, the main problem is with efficiency. You have to input emails one at a time. Companies with thousands of emails on their list will find that process way too tedious when they have many other marketing-related tasks to handle throughout the day. 

What Free Tool Can You Use to Verify If an Email Address Is Valid?

One of the most popular free email validation tools is NeverBounce. It goes through various checks in the background, like SMTP checks and looking for syntax misspellings that help provide accurate results. 

However, once again, it’s important to remember that even the best free email validation tools have their limitations. 

For one, even the best tools like NeverBounce don’t know about your audience or how they engage with content. So, even if the subscriber is essentially dormant and doesn’t check their inbox much or at all, they can still pass a verification test. 

You’ll also be quite limited if you’re looking for free bulk email verification tools that can review your entire list at once. Most email list cleaners require you to pay if you’re looking for that option. Ultimately, going with premium tools is usually better for email marketers who want the best results. 

Can You Validate an Email Address Without Sending an Email? 

Some may also wonder about manual ways to validate an email address without sending emails. There are a few ways you can check your list manually without ever sending an email. 

A simple step you can take is to look for syntax misspellings. Oftentimes, fake and spam emails will misspell the syntax of common free email providers, so you’ll see misspellings like @yyahoo.com or @outtlook.com. 

You could also use tools like MXToolbox or PuTTY for Telnet to do checks like server pings, running DNS records, and IP address lookups. However, these are usually pretty technical and tedious processes to do manually. Most marketing teams won’t have the time or work capacity to keep up with that. That means using tools for the job is a better choice. 

Which Is the Best Email Verification Tool to Find Invalid Addresses? 

If you’re looking for the best email verification option, our tools at AudiencePoint can help. They provide a better solution because they go above and beyond what most other verification solutions provide. That includes using second-party data and getting a better understanding of how your specific subscribers engage with content. 

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How AudiencePoint Can Help Identify Invalid Email Addresses

AudiencePoint offers email insight software. It works by analyzing how your subscribers engage with content to provide you with actionable data on how you can improve your email strategy. 

When you use our insights software, you get the benefits of detailed analysis. Our tools will tell you when your subscribers engage with content to help you improve send times, what types of content they prefer to segment your list, and how often they’ve been engaging to help you catch times when subscribers may need to be re-engaged to gain their attention once again. 

Knowing all this data also helps with verification and identifying dormant emails on your list. For instance, if a subscriber isn’t actively engaging and can’t be re-engaged, it may be time to remove them from your list to avoid trying to spend further money and effort on them. 

Our tools also benefit from second-party data that collects 85 trillion data points yearly. It helps validate email addresses much easier by knowing subscribers are active on other email lists, providing a well-rounded solution for all your needs. 

If AudiencePoint sounds like it would be helpful for your needs, contact us today to get started.