s There a Website to Verify Email Addresses?

Is There a Website to Verify Email Addresses?

Sep 08, 2023


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Are you trying to clean up your email list and wondering what tools are available to help? While using an email address verification tool is a common practice in today’s email marketing space, deciding on the right one to use can be challenging with so many choices available. 

This article will break down the different options on the market to help you make an educated decision. That way, you can go into building and cleaning up your email list with confidence, knowing you’ll achieve the best results and keep your sender reputation high and your emails out of the spam folder.

Is There a Way to Verify an Email Address?

There is a way to verify an email list. The most common solution is using email address verification tools. Many platforms and email marketing solutions offer email verification or email confirmation as an option. It’s a great way to ensure you’re building a healthy and active list of subscribers. Let’s explore how it works. 

How Can I Verify an Email Address Is Real?

When you’re searching for how to verify an email address is real or just a disposable email address, you’ll want to understand how the process of using email verification tools can be deployed. In its most basic form, which is generally email confirmation, an email verification service or tool will send an initial email when someone first signs up for your list. 

That initial email will typically contain a code or button. If the new subscriber can enter the code or press the button from that email, it shows they have access to that inbox. It then confirms their email and adds them to your list. 

While this is a common practice, there are additional options companies may deploy. So let’s look at some of those in more detail.

Can You Validate an Email Address Without Sending an Email?

Some email marketers may also wonder about verifying email addresses manually or if emails can be verified if you didn’t send the initial confirmation email before adding subscribers to your list. 

There are several manual options you can do without sending an email. IP address lookups, DNS checks, and mail server pings are all technical options you have available. You would usually use tools to help with these processes, like MXToolbox or PuTTY for Telnet. However, while this can work well, it’s a tedious process with a learning curve. 

A better option to validate email addresses without emailing subscribers is an email verifier tool. 

How Do I Check If an Email Address Is Valid in Bulk?

When trying to achieve a valid email address list, you may have a list of bulk subscribers you need to be authenticated. That’s where bulk validation tools come into play, such as a bulk email checker. These tools are able to do several processes, like the manual ones mentioned above, quickly and efficiently. It essentially automates checking for invalid addresses, so you don’t have to do tons of tedious work. 

Is There a Tool to Check Whether an Email Address Exists?

There are several tools available to check whether an email address exists. Whether you’re looking for a website, initial email confirmation options, or bulk verification tools, you have plenty of options available. The next section will cover some different options in detail. 

Where Can I Verify Email Addresses?

One of the best places to start when trying to achieve a verified email list is the email marketing platform you use. Most of the popular options on the market, like Mailchimp, Brevo, and MailerLite, offer an option to do an initial email confirmation. 

That said, while the initial confirmation email is a good start, you should still look into bulk verification options to ensure long-term success with your email marketing efforts. That way, you can consistently keep tabs on subscriber activity, try to re-engage inactive subscribers, and remove any emails that may become dormant if subscribers stop using that account. 

Email Verification Online

There are several websites that allow you to do bulk verification online. Some popular choices are NeverBounce and Bulk Email Checker. However, these options do have some limitations since they are low-priced, don’t use every possible validation method, and don’t track all the information you need about your audience. 

Looking into a complete email insight software like AudiencePoint is a better option than trying to use a free email verifier that has limitations

AudiencePoint works better because it integrates with your email list to consistently track data about subscriber activity and how your campaigns are performing. Unlike other options on the market AudiencePoint’s email verification solution does not rely on purchased data. Instead our tools are powered by our second-party data which tracks 1.7 trillion behavior signals weekly to ensure our results are the most accurate on the market.

How To Check If an Email Address Is Still Active

Another essential part of email verification and maintaining a healthy list of subscribers is ensuring the emails on your list are still active. After all, consumers can change their primary email address. Think about how email options like Yahoo and AOL used to be popular until most people switched over to Gmail. 

If you don’t clean your list, those old email accounts that aren’t active or may have been deleted will still be on your list, causing lower engagement rates and more email bounces which will hurt your overall deliverability. That’s why it’s a good practice to use insight software like AudiencePoint to manage these processes consistently. 

AudiencePoint’s tools update in real-time, so you can always make fast decisions that help you re-engage subscribers that become inactive and suppress dormant emails on your list to ensure good deliverability. It’s the best long-term solution for success. 

How AudiencePoint Can Help Keep Your Emails Out Of The Spam Folder

As you can see, AudiencePoint can help in several ways to help you clean your email list and maintain great deliverability while deleting invalid addresses.  

The benefits also don’t stop there. Our tools also can help you improve engagement rates on campaigns to keep subscribers interested through send time optimization, helping you segment your list, and gathering real-time data that helps you formulate better email marketing strategies. 

To learn more about how AudiencePoint can help, contact us today.