Is it better to send an email at night or morning?

Is It Better To Send An Email At Night Or Morning?

Apr 27, 2023

AudiencePoint Team

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Getting the timing right for marketing emails is important. You want to reach subscribers when they’re most engaged. It’s beneficial since emailing right before subscribers check their inboxes greatly increases your content’s visibility. 

In an effort to send emails at the right time, you may wonder if night or morning would be a better option. Night can seem like a good choice since many consumers aren’t working and have more free time. On the other hand, mornings are when people have the most energy as they get into their day. 

This article will explore both options to help determine which is best for your needs. We’ll also give you some helpful tips on optimizing email send times. 

What Is The Best Time To Send An Email During The Week?

Many studies have analyzed whether the time of day you send content affects engagement rates. Overwhelmingly, they all have shown it has an impact. From that research, it has been determined that the times of day that get the most engagement are from 9am-3pm. 

This time range in the middle of the day gets good engagement because most consumers are active and on the go. 

Best Day Of The Week To Send A Marketing Email

You may also wonder if the day of the week impacts email engagement. Studies have found that it does, with the best days for email engagement being in the middle of the week from Tuesday through Thursday. 

The middle of the week works well because consumers check inboxes the most when they’re at work. It’s one of the most common places where email is one of the primary forms of communication. It simply makes sense that engagement would be higher during that time. 

However, the best days can vary, mainly due to different work schedules. For instance, if someone works weekends, they may be more likely to engage and check inboxes during that time. So knowing your target audience and how they engage is essential to get the best results. 

Is It Better To Send An Email At Night Or In The Morning?

To come back to the initial question of whether it’s better to email at night or in the morning, the data shows that the morning will often work better. Many people are more likely to engage at the beginning of their day when they have more energy. 

We all know that after a long work day, it’s common to be tired and not feel like doing much. So most consumers won’t be as active checking emails or likely to take action and make a purchase. 

Again, this can vary. Some consumers will be highly engaged at night. Higher engagement rates at night can be common with those who work second or third-shift jobs. It can also be audience dependent. For example, niches like gaming may have younger audiences that are more likely to be up later at night and on their phones. 

What you’ll really want to answer this question is accurate data on your audience. To get that, AudiencePoint is a great option. Our tool, Send Time Optimization, can provide accurate recommendations on the best times to send new marketing emails based on your audience’s past engagement patterns. 

Is It Unprofessional To Send An Email At Night?

You may also wonder if emailing at night would be considered unprofessional. In email marketing, you don’t need to worry about this much. General consumers won’t think much about what time you send an email. 

The only instance that could be seen as unprofessional in marketing is if you’re emailing professional leads, such as other business professionals or potential clients. Even then, as long as you don’t expect an immediate response at night, it really isn’t considered unprofessional in most cases. 

The main instance when it’s unprofessional to email at night is professional work emails to a boss, co-workers, or employees. Then you should wait until during regular work hours if possible. 

How Audiencepoint Can Help With Your Email Marketing Strategy

If you want an accurate analysis of exactly when your subscribers will be in their inbox, AudiencePoint can help. AudiencePoint offers email insight software that provides actionable insights that help optimize your email strategy. Insights provided through AudiencePoint include:

  • The best days and times to send new content based on a large second-party data pool. 
  • Real time data on how subscribers engage and how you can optimize your strategy. 
  • Details on subscribers that have become inactive and need to be re-engaged. 
  • Information that helps accurately segment email lists. 
  • Accurate open rate metrics that include identifying and isolating Apple MPP opens. 

With all these features and more, AudiencePoint makes email marketing simple. Best of all our tools easily integrate with any major email service provider, so you can start optimizing your current campaigns right away. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your company master email marketing.