How can I verify an email address for free

How Can I Verify an Email Address for Free?

Dec 01, 2023

AudiencePoint Team

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Many companies and marketers who are just starting out with a growing email list learn about the importance of email verification. Unfortunately, every fake or disposable email address on your list is harming your bottom line or sender reputation. Plus, you may have a low budget. That’s probably left you wondering if you can achieve a valid email address list for free.

This article will break it all down for you. We’ll outline how an email address verification tool works, ways you can verify emails for free, how to delete invalid addresses, and top email marketing strategies to get you the best results.

How Can I Verify An Email Address For Free?

There are several options that can help you verify an email address for free, such as a free email checker tool, or manual verification. 

One of the most simple and standard solutions when you’re just starting an email list is performing an initial email confirmation when subscribers sign up for your list. This can often be done for free through whichever email platform you use to build and manage your list. For instance, Mailchimp is often a great option that allows you to start for free. 

When you deploy an initial verification, the software you use will automatically send a confirmation email to new subscribers who sign up for your list. That typically involves sending them a code or link that they must input or click to be added to your list successfully, verifying that they have a real and active inbox they can access as opposed to an invalid email address. 

However, later on, you may find that you want to add to this solution with more premium options. For instance, many email marketers want to verify email addresses without sending an email, which can’t be done using free tools. We’ll discuss how email list validator tools in more detail a bit later on. 

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What Is The Free Tool To Verify Bulk Email Addresses?

The initial verification is great. But what if you’ve already established a list that you never verified? Is there a free tool for that, too? You will have some options. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of a free email checker. 

Free Tools to Verify Email Address Online

Some of the top free bulk verifiers online are tools like Bulk Email Checker and My Email Verifier. These tools can work well when you have a small email list and are just starting out. That said, they have their limitations, like all free tools will. 

Bulk Email Checker is a website that provides unlimited verifications for your list. However, you have to input them one at a time. So, if you have more than a handful of emails to verify, this would be way too tedious of a process for busy marketers. 

My Email Verifier is another free option that allows you to verify a list of 100 emails per day. However, if you had a list of 2,000 emails, it would take you 20 days of effort to complete the process, not to mention that it would stall your email marketing efforts during that time while you try to get your list cleaned up. 

Ultimately, serious email marketers with big lists will want a more efficient solution, which is better solved with premium tools. For that, our insight software at AudiencePoint can help. We can provide both initial verification and bulk verification options that will help you quickly clean up your entire email list at once and get back to work.  

How Do I Manually Verify An Email Address Without an Email Checker?

There are also some manual verification options that email marketers will try. 

For instance, many in the early stages of building a list could try sending an email from an account that isn’t on their primary business domain to the recipient in question. It’ll tell you within a few minutes if it bounced because you’ll receive a message back, such as “server can’t be accessed.” 

You could also try manual IP address lookups, server pings, or running DNS records if you have the technical know-how for these processes. That said, if you don’t have those technical skills, it’ll require quite the learning curve to figure it out. 

Ultimately, all these options are too tedious as you grow your list, making verification software the better solution rather than trying to verify emails one at a time. 

How Do I Find Out Who Owns An Email Address and If the Email Address Exists?

The best way to find out if someone owns and has access to an email address is by doing an initial confirmation. If someone passes that, it tells you right away they have access to the inbox. 

Our second-party data pool at AudiencePoint can also help. It accounts for 90% of all U.S. consumers. It’ll provide additional information to accurately verify email lists since we can see if new subscribers are actively engaging on other lists as well. 

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Email Verification: How Can I Verify An Email Address Without Sending An Email?

You can also verify email addresses without sending emails through our insight software at AudiencePoint. 

We offer the functionality to perform an initial verification by doing an API call when someone fills out the signup form. It automatically runs data to help verify new subscribers on the spot without sending an email so they can be automatically added to the list. 

Otherwise, if you have an established list that you never verified, we can also help with bulk verification while harnessing the data our tools gather about subscriber activity and our second-party data pool. 

How AudiencePoint Can Help Verify Email Addresses and More

Avoid the spam folder and achieve a list of valid email addresses with AudiencePoint. Any marketer looking to build a clean and active email list will find that AudiencePoint can help at all levels of that process. That not only includes verification of your list but also strategies to keep your subscribers engaged for the long term. 

We’ll help you:

  • Gather data in real-time
  • Find strategies to make content more engaging
  • Segment your email list
  • Identify and re-engage inactive subscribers
  • Suppress dormant emails
  • Improve send times

All these solutions provide actionable results that are easy to implement into your current email marketing strategy. 

Contact us today to learn more about how AudiencePoint can help.