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Email Re-engagment: Four Approaches You Can Take Before the Holidays

Nov 30, 2022


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It goes without saying that the last few years have been rough. In 2020, we experienced our first global pandemic in over one hundred years. While most of the world was sent home in 2020, global manufacturing ground to a halt causing major supply chain issues in 2021. Now at the end of 2022 a combination of several factors has led to unprecedented global inflationary pressures.

US shoppers are hedging against inflation by shopping earlier. In addition to shopping earlier, US shoppers are shifting their spending from non-essential items to Holiday gifts and entertainment to better manage their budgets. People are still shopping for the holidays; they are just doing it differently than in years past.

What does this mean for us? It is time for us to double down on our email re-engagement campaigns. Unfortunately, its too late to grow your list with new registrations. What you do have however, is a large number of addresses that have become unengaged with your email program.

Email engagement experts Paul Shriner, Michele Grant, Kath Pay, and Adeola Sole explore how marketers can:

  • Identify their unengaged audience
  • Decide which engagement signals are best
  • Apply recency for a more nuanced reactivation strategy
  • Overlay multiple channels for a fuller picture
  • Broaden their views to see how their subscribers are interacting with other brands
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