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What Is The Best Time to Send Emails on Tuesday?

Aug 22, 2023


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If you’ve been researching the best days to send marketing emails, you’ve probably seen Tuesday frequently pop up as one of the best days. With that information, you’re probably also wondering, what is the best time to send emails on Tuesday? 

This article will answer that question for you. We’ll also dive into strategies that will help you optimize marketing email send times even further. Let’s get started.

When Should You Send an Email on Tuesday?

Research has found that the best time to send a marketing email on Tuesday is from 9 am-3 pm. 

That time range is the middle of the average person’s work day. Many people are likely actively checking inboxes for work, personal emails, or other notifications. 

With all this email activity, it’s a great strategy to send during this time to have a better chance of your marketing content being seen by subscribers. 

Why Is Tuesday the Best Day to Send Emails?

While you may have heard that Tuesday is a great day to send content, you may also wonder why many people are highly engaged with emails on Tuesdays. The main reason is it is early in the week but still separate from the weekend. 

Research has found that the weekend is when most people are the least engaged with email content. Many people are busy traveling, seeing friends and family, running errands, or simply relaxing. It doesn’t leave as much time in the day to check for new emails or be primed to engage with content. So you’ll see engagement rates drop accordingly.  

The other two worst days for engagement are Monday and Friday. These days also don’t work the best because they’re close to the weekend. On Mondays, the average person is just getting into their work week. Things can feel hectic, making them less likely to engage with email content. 

On Fridays, people are preparing for the weekend and may leave emails sitting until the following week. That can cause your marketing email to go unseen or be forgotten about. 

Knowing all of that, you can see why Tuesday is a prime time to send a marketing email. It is early in the week when people have the most energy to check emails and engage with content. It’s also separated from those weekend days when engagement is lower. 

Other Days That Are Good for Sending Emails

While Tuesday is often said to be the best for sending emails, other days can work well. Many studies have also shown that Wednesday and Thursday get high email engagement. These days are also in that prime middle of the week range where most people are very active in checking email inboxes. 

The most important part is sending emails when your subscribers are most engaged. Some people may be very active on the weekends. Those who work the third shift might actively check emails when they’re on break at 2 am. 

Knowing your target audience and sending emails when they’re most active will help your brand stand out from everyone else. Using insight software like AudiencePoint’s Send Time Optimization tool can help by letting you know exactly when you subscribers are active in their inboxes. 

Do People Read Emails on Saturday?

As mentioned earlier, days on the weekends tend to get lower engagement rates. However, that doesn’t mean nobody opens and reads emails on Saturdays. 

Some subscribers might read emails but simply be less primed to click links or make a purchase if they’re busy doing other things. That means sending content that is purely informational or updates about your company could still get some attention, even if engagement isn’t as high on Saturdays. 

That said, it does ultimately come down to your audience. Some strategies will work better for certain audiences than others. 

What Is the Best Time of Day to Send an Email Blast?

Any company that is sending an email blast to many subscribers will want to get the timing down right. Typically, studies have found that the best time of day for an email blast is the middle of the day. That would be the 9 am-3 pm time range we mentioned earlier.

However, for an email blast, it may be better to send it earlier in the day, from 9 am-12 pm. Emailing earlier in the day gives consumers more time to see your email and decide how they want to engage with it. 

This is especially true for promotions or special offers that require a response or conversion. 

Sending an Email Blast at Different Times to Segmented Groups Can Also Be Effective

If you have a large email list, you likely have groups of subscribers that engage most at vastly different times of the day. AudiencePoint’s Send Time Optimization software can help you target individual subscribers depending on their inbox interaction patterns. You can then send email blasts to individual subscribers on your list when they’re most likely to engage.

Is 5 pm a Good Time to Send an Email?

Many people get off work at 5 pm, so you might wonder if that would be a good time to send marketing emails. However, studies have shown that engagement rates tend to drop off significantly around 5 pm. 

That likely has to do with many people wanting to go home and spend time with their families after work. It’s also a time of the day when many of us feel drained and just aren’t as ready to engage with new content. 

Is There an Appropriate Time to Send Emails?

There isn’t necessarily an appropriate or inappropriate time to send marketing emails. It’s different from how emailing someone you work with after 5 pm could be negatively received. 

Most of your email subscribers won’t pay much attention to when you email them. Sending emails at optimal times depends on when your subscribers will most likely engage with content. 

If your subscribers happen to be highly engaged after 5 pm, then emailing them would be appropriate and probably a very effective strategy. 

However, if your audience aligns with common data on email marketing, then emailing at 5 pm wouldn’t be effective since they’ll be less engaged. 

What Is the Best Time to Send an Email in the Evening?

If you’re going to email in the evening, sending it as early as possible will likely be your best bet. Engagement rates start to drop off at 5 pm and continue dropping as the night goes on.

That means if you’re emailing in the evening, sending around 5 or 6 pm will be best to get your subscribers’ attention and have them engage before they go to bed. Email content that sits until the next day will likely get buried in subscribers’ inboxes by other companies who send content after you did. 

How AudiencePoint Can Help with Your Email Marketing

As mentioned throughout this article, the best way to optimize your strategy is to know how your subscribers engage with content. AudiencePoint can help you do just that. 

AudiencePoint offers email insight software that tracks subscriber activity and provides actionable insights on improving your email marketing strategy. 

If you want to know when the best time or day to send an email is, AudiencePoint’s Send Time Optimization tool can tell you. This tool provides information from a large second-party data pool, so you can understand how your subscribers engage with their inboxes without having to test out multiple campaigns and gather the data yourself. 

AudiencePoint also offers a tool called ListFit, which helps you create segmented email lists to target certain subscribers at different days and times, when they are most likely to engage with your content.

With all the tools that AudiencePoint offers, you can easily implement the right email strategies at the right times. There won’t be any more guesswork involved on your end – just simple data-driven decisions. 

To learn more about how AudiencePoint helps with email marketing, contact us today