What Is the Best Day to Send an Email Marketing Message?

Jun 02, 2023

AudiencePoint Team

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A growing topic of conversation in the email marketing space is optimizing the day you send email marketing messages. More studies show that it’s an essential strategy for success since consumer engagement varies on different weekdays. 

This article will outline everything to consider when planning the timing of email marketing messages. By the end, you’ll have a better idea of how to implement the right strategies for success. Let’s get started.

What Is the Best Day to Send an Email Marketing Message?

Several studies have analyzed email engagement metrics on different days of the week. The general consensus has been that Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the days that work best. These days, in particular, tend to get the highest average open volume and open rates on emails while isolating Apple MPP opens from reporting. 

To get further insight, let’s look at some prominent data about email engagement on different days of the week. 

Email Open and Click Volume on Different Days of the Week

One study by Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) analyzed open volume and click volume from marketing emails on different days of the week. Here’s a brief summary of the data that was found. 

Day of the WeekOpen VolumeClick Volume

At first glance, one thing that jumps out is that engagement drops drastically on the weekend. This is common when marketing to the average consumer who works a traditional Monday-to-Friday schedule. 

Many people are busy going out and doing other things on the weekend, so they don’t check emails as often. That means weekends aren’t the best time to email the average consumer.

Additionally, you’ll notice what we mentioned earlier, that open volume is highest from Tuesday through Thursday. Although, it stays pretty steady from Monday to Friday, so any of those days could be good for getting email opens. 

When it comes to more conversion-based metrics, Tuesday and Wednesday stand out as the top performers by a considerable margin. Both get a much higher volume of email link clicks than any other day. So if you’re sending out a promotional sales email to get conversions, those days may be your go-to.  

Best Time to Send an Email to Get a Response

Many marketers also wonder about the best time to send emails to get a response. That’ll be especially crucial on Tuesday and Wednesday since they get high email click volume.

Generally speaking, a good overarching time range to send emails for a response is 9am-3pm. Sending at those times allows you to reach consumers when they’re most active and engaged, typically during the peak of their work day. Many of us check our emails frequently while at work, so it’s not a bad time to try to reach someone. 

However, it’s important to remember this can vary a bit from day to day and depending on various consumer lifestyle factors. Let’s first look at how the best time to send emails can vary a bit on different days of the week. 

Optimal Timing to Get an Email Response on Different Days of the Week

Many marketers wonder, what’s the best time to email on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.? Here’s a table with a quick breakdown of the optimal time to email on different days of the week. 

Day of the WeekBest Time to Email

As you’ll notice, the optimal time range on Tuesday through Thursday is much broader than other days of the week. That’s because many people are more active and have higher energy levels to engage on those days. 

However, the time range narrows as you get closer to the weekend. Many consumers are busier at these times, which lowers the window of opportunity to get good email response rates. 

The Best Time and Day to Email Depends on Your Audience

All the data on the timing of emails is great. That said, it is very general since most studies that have been done have analyzed data across industries. As we all know, email metrics can vary quite a bit by industry. For instance, the average email open rates when isolating Apple MPP opens can range anywhere from 17-28%, depending on the specific industry you are looking at. 

What you need to make educated choices about the best time to send emails and when to send certain types of content is data from how your subscribers engage. How do you get that data? AudiencePoint can help.  

How AudiencePoint Helps Optimize Your Email Marketing Strategy

AudiencePoint offers an email insight software that tracks data from your subscribers and provides actionable insights to improve your email campaigns. 

If you’re wondering about the best days and times to send emails, we have a tool for that called Send Time Optimization (STO). AudiencePoint’s STO will help you identify the exact right days and times to send new content based on detailed analytics. 

With this method, you don’t have to do a lot of testing or analysis on your end. You simply get data-based insights you can successfully implement right away. 

Additionally, AudiencePoint offers tools called Real Time Optimization and ListFit. These tools provide insights which will  help you identify things like how to accurately segment your email list and which subscribers have become inactive. 

If these tools sound like they would be beneficial for your needs, you can contact us today for more information.