average click rate for email marketing 2022

What is the Average Click Rate for Email Marketing in 2023?

Nov 07, 2022

AudiencePoint Team

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Email click rate is an essential metric for email marketing. It measures the percentage of subscribers who clicked a link within the body copy of an email. Research from Mailchimp states that the average email marketing click rate in 2023is about 2.62% across all industries. Improving your click rate will help bring email subscribers to sales pages, sign-up forms, or subscription pages that will generate conversions. This article will detail how you can increase your click rate, along with providing statistics and information about other email marketing metrics. 

What Is a Good Click Rate for Email?

A good click rate for email marketing will be industry-specific, since different types of industries will interact with their consumer base in different ways. However, for most industries, aiming to get a click rate above the average of 2.62% is a good place to start. 

How Do You Increase Email Click Rate in 2023?

Increasing your email engagement will make your email marketing campaigns more successful by driving more traffic to your website or conversion pages. This will lead to more sales and higher overall revenue. Ways you can increase your click rate are:

  • Clear call to action: If you want to generate more link clicks, your emails must have a clear call to action. The call to action tells your readers what you want them to do next, so they can take the next steps in the conversion process. 
  • Intuitive design: Email subscribers shouldn’t have to think when they are reading your email copy. Your emails should have an intuitive design, so the links you want customers to click are clear and stand out. Using elements like color pops, arrows, or bold text can help direct the reader’s attention to important spots of the copy and buttons or links you want them to click.
  • Emphasize value: Your marketing emails should emphasize value. Providing your email subscribers with valuable information or content will make them more likely to trust your company and click on links within your emails. In addition, highlighting the value they will get after clicking on the link will also lead to a higher click rate.  
  • Address audience wants/needs: Before writing your email copy, you must understand the wants and needs of your audience. This can help you touch on important pain points and explain how your products or services can help. Knowing what your audience responds to best will help make your email copy more influential and drive more link clicks. 
  • Engaging subject line: You can’t get someone to click on a link within your email if they don’t open it. Having an engaging subject line for your email that makes email subscribers want to know more will get them to click on it and view your content. 

Implementing these tips into your email marketing campaigns will lead to better consumer reception and higher click rates. 

Click-To-Open Rate Meaning

Email click-to-open rate (CTOR) is a valuable metric that measures the percentage of link clicks out of the number of subscribers who opened your email. CTOR can be a better metric for understanding your email copy’s effectiveness at generating link clicks. This can help better determine which parts of your emails could be improved. 

CTOR vs. Open Rate

CTOR differs from open rate because open rate only measures the percentage of email subscribers who opened your email. On the other hand, CTOR helps determine if people who open an email are taking action from it by clicking on a link within the email copy. 

Click to Open Rate Average

Research from Campaign Monitor states that the average click-to-open rate is 10.5% across all industries. Generally, you should aim to get your CTOR above the average of 10.5%, although this can differ across specific industries.

Average Email Open Rate

The average email open rate is 21.33%. High open rates show that your subject lines are effective at making your subscribers click on your emails to learn more. Consistently having good open rates can also be a great indicator that your email subscribers are continuously staying engaged with your email content. 

Unfortunately, in 2023, email open rate has become a less relevant metric because of Apple’s Mail Protection Policy (MPP). Apple now preloads emails on its own proxy servers, making it look like it was opened by the recipient. This inflates open rates that are tracked by email marketing software. 

However, AudiencePoint is aware of this, and our email insight software provides you with relevant metrics with today’s standards. We filter out emails that are opened on the Apple Proxy IP ranges, to make sure your data remains accurate. The metrics and insights our software provides you with help improve the performance of your email marketing campaigns through our email engagement data pool, send-time optimization, and analyzing your email list and subscriber activity. 


Click rate is an essential metric to measure how effective your emails are at influencing subscribers to take action. Link clicks bring subscribers to sales pages and other important company web pages that lead to conversions. You can increase your click rates through effective calls to action, good email design, and providing email subscribers with value. By following these tips, your email marketing campaigns will be more successful at driving sales and revenue for your company. 

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