What is a good open rate for email in 2022

What Is a Good Open Rate for Email in 2023?

Nov 07, 2022

AudiencePoint Team

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Open rate is an essential metric to measure the success of email marketing campaigns. If you’re in the marketing space, you may be wondering what a good open rate is in 2023. This article will provide you with information about what a good email open rate is, industry standards for open rates, and details about how open rate impacts other metrics in 2023. 

Average Open Rate for Email Marketing in 2023

The average email marketing open rate in 2023 is 21.33% across all industries when removing Apple MPP proxy opens. While open rate standards will vary by industry, 21.33% or above is a great number to aim to achieve. Meeting the average email open rate shows that your emails are on par with industry standards for getting consumers to open and engage with your content. 

How to Achieve a Good Open Rate for Email in 2023

A good open rate (excluding Apple MPP proxy opens) for email marketing in 2023 would be anything above the average of 21.33%. To increase other important engagement metrics like click-through and conversion rates, you must ensure that your subscribers open the email in the first place, making it vital to have a good open rate. Ways you can increase your email open rate include:

  • Improving subject lines.
  • Consistently providing valuable content.
  • Creating emails with a consistent branded appearance.
  • Improving send times, so emails arrive in a reader’s inbox at the best times.
  • Researching your target audience to learn what content they are most interested in.

Improving these areas will help boost your open rates and get them above the average. AudiencePoint’s email insight software can help you increase open rates by providing you with actionable data on how you can improve your email campaigns. Our insight software can help you optimize your send times, collect valuable data from emails, and analyze your email list to create targeted content and offers. 

Email Open Rates by Industry

To better understand what open rate you should aim to achieve, it is helpful to know industry-specific averages for open rates. The average open rates across major industries are:

  • Agriculture: 21.33%
  • Art: 26.27%
  • Beauty: 16.65%
  • E-commerce: 15.68%
  • Education: 23.42%
  • Electronics: 19.29%
  • Finance: 21.56%
  • Gambling: 21.10%
  • Health: 21.48%
  • Insurance: 21.36%
  • Legal: 22.0%
  • Marketing: 17.38%
  • Music: 21.88%
  • Politics: 22.94%
  • Real estate: 19.17%
  • Restaurant: 19.77%
  • Sports: 24.57%

If you are in one of these major industries, you should aim for an open rate at or above the average for your industry. 

What Is Email Delivery Rate?

Email marketing delivery rate is the percentage of emails sent that land in the inboxes of your subscribers. High delivery rates ensure that your emails are making it to your email subscribers, so they can see your content. Email deliverability is important, because you can’t have high open rates and email engagement if your emails aren’t delivered in the first place.

What Is the Average Email Delivery Rate?

The average email delivery rate is about 80%. Most marketing standards state that you should aim for a delivery rate of at least 95%. However, the real goal should be to get delivery rates as close to 100% as possible to ensure that the majority of your email subscribers are receiving the emails you send out. 

How Email Open Rates Affect Email Delivery

Open rates can affect email delivery, since email servers try to filter out emails that may be spam. If your subscribers consistently ignore or delete emails that come from your domain without opening them, receiving domains may start rejecting your emails or sending them to spam folders. Once this happens, recovering open rates is difficult, since the receiving domain isn’t allowing emails to be delivered in the first place. This makes it essential to monitor subscriber activity to ensure that you can re-engage subscribers before your emails get bounced. 

AudiencePoint’s email insight software can help with this. Our product, ListFit, helps analyze your email list and identify unengaged subscribers. Our email insight software will help you identify which subscribers are active vs inactive, so you aren’t sending emails to inactive subscribers and lowering your open rate.

The Effects of MPP on Open Rate in 2023

While open rate is an essential metric for many reasons, Apple’s mail privacy policy (MPP) has impacted the relevance of the open rate metric when it is tracked by email analytics tools. MPP causes emails sent to Apple devices to be opened by Apple’s own proxy servers before landing in inboxes. This leads to inflated open rates being calculated in email analytics. 

However, AudiencePoint is aware of this, and our email insight software can identify Apple MPP opens to isolate them from reporting. This helps ensure you receive accurate metrics that are up-to-date with current email marketing standards. 


Open rate is an essential email marketing statistic and can affect the overall performance of an email marketing campaign. Your emails won’t be effective if your subscribers don’t open them. Working to increase your open rates also helps ensure email deliverability and helps boost the performance of other important engagement metrics like conversion rates and click-through rates. If you are trying to improve your email open rates, AudiencePoint can help. Contact us today to see how we can help take your email marketing campaigns to the next level.

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