What is the average click rate for emails?

What is the Average Click Rate for Emails?

Nov 07, 2022

AudiencePoint Team

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Click rate is an important metric to track and optimize for the success of your email marketing campaigns. However, you may be wondering what the average click rate for emails is or how you can improve your email click rate. This article will outline all the information you need to know about email click rates.

What is Click Rate?

Click rate is the percentage of email subscribers who click a link within an email. Click rate is a common engagement metric for email marketing effectiveness. If someone clicks a link in your email, it shows that your subject line, message, and design were effective at getting them to take action. 

Your click rate is something you can always aim to optimize and improve upon because it will impact the success of your email campaigns significantly. Common benefits of increased email click rates are:

  • More traffic to your website
  • More conversio\The following sections will discuss what click rates you should be aiming for and how you can increase your click rate to get these benefits from your email marketing campaigns. 

What is the Average Click Rate for Emails?

The average email click rate across all industries is 2.62%. If you aim for a click rate of at least 2.62%, you will meet the industry standard click rate for email marketing. Anything above the average click rate would be considered a good click rate. 

How to Increase Click Rate in Email Marketing

Many aspects of emails can be optimized to increase your click rate. Some of the best ways to increase click rates in your email marketing campaigns are:

  • Writing engaging subject lines
  • Including social sharing options
  • Segmenting email lists and offering targeted content
  • Having an engaging call to action
  • Making sure emails are mobile friendly

If you work to improve upon each of these areas, you will see higher email click rates in your marketing campaigns. Read on for more information about how you can improve each of these aspects in your marketing emails. 

Writing Engaging Subject Lines

Making your email subject lines engaging will increase the open rate of your emails. Your subscribers can’t click a link within your email if they don’t open it in the first place. 

Maintaining high open rates on emails also helps ensure that your emails don’t bounce or get marked as spam, since many email servers try to filter out emails that users consistently ignore or delete without reading. If your emails start getting bounced, it is hard to improve click rates and other engagement metrics. Some of the best ways to write engaging subject lines are: 

  • Keep subject lines short. Aim for your subject lines to be between 30-40 characters. This ensures that the entire subject can be read on any device that someone may be using.
  • Put important words first. Try to put the most important words and phrases first in your email subject, so they catch a viewer’s attention. 
  • Deliver. Once your subscriber opens the email, the content should deliver on what is said in the subject. Always delivering on what you promise will ensure your subscribers stay engaged with your email content. 
  • Value: Your subject line should portray the value that a reader will get from the email.

Using these tips for your subject lines will make your subscribers more likely to open your emails, leading to higher engagement, click rates, and conversions. 

Include Social Sharing Options

Including social sharing options in your emails is a great way to boost click rates, reach, and engagement with your email content. If your content is impactful for a reader, they may want to share it with a friend or their social media network. This makes social sharing a powerful tool that leads to higher amounts of link clicks. 

Segment Email Lists and Offer Targeted Content

Offering targeted content to segmented groups of your email list is a great way to boost click rates. Segmenting your email list into targeted groups will help you send more relevant offers to your email subscribers. This helps prevent email subscribers from ignoring your content, since it is tailored more toward their specific needs. 

AudiencePoint’s email insight software can help you offer more targeted content to your email subscribers. Our tool ListFit will help analyze your email list to see which subscribers are active vs inactive. This helps you only target subscribers who are likely to open your emails and engage with your content.

Have an Engaging Call to Action

Having an engaging call to action will lead to higher click rates. At the end of your email, you should tell your reader what you want them to do next. Using strong action words like “buy now,” “learn more,” or “get started” will get readers engaged and make them want to take the next step. Making your call to action stand out in the design of your email through color pops, arrows, or well-designed buttons will help readers know where they should click. 

Make Emails Mobile Friendly

A large percentage of people read emails on their mobile phones several times a day. If your emails aren’t mobile-friendly, you can lose a significant amount of engagement and subscribers. Test your emails before you send them to ensure they look good on mobile devices, so mobile readers will have a good experience. 


Click rate is an essential metric to optimize for in your email marketing campaigns. Improving your subject lines, design, call to action, and segmenting your email list can help you improve click rates and get them above the industry average of 2.62%. 

If you would like additional help improving click rates and other important email engagement metrics, AudiencePoint’s email insight software can help. Our email insight products will provide data about your email campaigns, help you improve email send times, and analyze your email list to see how you can better engage your subscribers.

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