Do People Open Emails on Saturday?

May 25, 2023

AudiencePoint Team

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Are you considering sending a marketing email on Saturday but unsure if your subscribers will open or see it? You’ve come to the right place. 

This article will break down the answers you need to know. We’ll cover everything you should know about sending emails on Saturday and how to plan your strategy effectively. Keep reading to get all the information. 

Is Saturday a Good Day to Send Emails?

Saturday isn’t one of the best-performing days for email marketing content. Typically, the most optimal days are in the middle of the week, from Tuesday through Thursday. 

The middle of the week often works better since the average consumer is at the peak of their work week, where they’re checking email inboxes frequently. You’ll typically see engagement rates drop as it gets closer to the weekend, and they’ll be the lowest on the weekend days themselves.

While Saturday isn’t the best day to reach the average consumer, this won’t apply to everyone. Some audiences may be highly engaged on Saturdays. 

For example, those in the restaurant industry may be highly active on the weekend since those are their busiest days of the work week. Naturally, that leads to professionals in that industry checking their inboxes more frequently on the weekend.  

Ultimately, you have to plan your strategy around your specific subscribers to get the best results.

Is It Unprofessional to Send an Email on Saturday?

For general B2C emails, sending promotional content on Saturdays isn’t unprofessional. While engagement rates do drop on the weekend, consumers won’t think anything of receiving marketing emails at this time. It’s simply a time of the week when your emails are more likely to get missed since consumers are busy doing other things. 

The instance where it may be unprofessional to email on Saturday is work-related emails to your boss or co-workers if you work a Monday-to-Friday schedule. Outside of emergencies, you would want to wait to send your work email on Monday during regular work hours. 

Additionally, some marketing emails in the B2B space where you work with professional clients may be seen as unprofessional if they’re sent over the weekend. If you go this route, make it evident that you don’t need an immediate response from clients if you send them new information over the weekend.

Is It Better to Send an Email Saturday or Sunday?

You may wonder if Sunday is a better option since Saturday doesn’t work the best for email marketing. Sundays do have slightly better average engagement rates compared to Saturdays. However, the difference between the two is minuscule. So whether you email on Saturday or Sunday would depend on your audience and how they engage with content. 

Do People Open Emails on Saturday?

While Saturday has lower average engagement rates, that doesn’t mean that nobody opens emails on Saturday. It simply means many people are less likely to open emails or convert at that time. Every audience is different, and some may be more likely to check inboxes on Saturdays than others, so there’s no one size fits all solution here.  

What Is the Best Time to Send Emails for Open Rate on Saturday?

If you want to email on Saturday, the best time to send content for open rate would be in the afternoon. Many people like to sleep in on Saturday after a long work week and possibly from going out on Friday night. That means the afternoon between 12 pm-3 pm will be a prime time to send content when your subscribers are the most alert and engaged. 

Emailing before 3 pm on Saturday is also a good idea since many people like to go out on Saturday nights as well. You’ll often need to time your content in a very precise window of opportunity on the weekends to get the best results. 

AudiencePoint’s Send Time Optimization tool can help by giving you pinpointed insights on when your subscribers are the most engaged. 

How Apple MPP Impacts Email Open Rate Tracking for Send Time Optimization

Another thing you’ll want to be aware of when tracking data to optimize email send times is Apple’s mail privacy protection (MPP). 

Apple MPP has affected how email open rates are tracked since it causes emails sent to the mail app on Apple devices to be opened on proxy servers before landing in inboxes. That means it can skew results if you’re looking for the exact time subscribers open emails. 

Fortunately, AudiencePoint has a solution that can help. Our email insight software can identify and isolate Apple MPP opens from reporting to give you the most accurate metrics that are up to date with today’s email marketing needs. 

How AudiencePoint Can Help You Plan Email Marketing Strategies Effectively

Overall, AudiencePoint is an excellent asset when planning your email marketing strategy. Our email insight software uses three tools to make your campaigns a success. Those tools are ListFit, Real Time Optimization, and Send Time Optimization. 

Using AudiencePoint’s email insight software will help you:

  • Send email content at the exact right time and day for your audience. 
  • Plan your strategy to boost engagement rates, which will help prevent the negative impacts of consistently low engagement, like email bounces or landing in spam folders. 
  • Identify and re-engage inactive subscribers. 
  • Accurately segment your email list. 

Having access to all these tools will have you on your way to designing a highly engaging email marketing strategy for your subscribers. Contact us for more information on how AudiencePoint can help you.