Can I verify someone's email

Can I Verify Someone’s Email? 

Dec 01, 2023

AudiencePoint Team

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Anyone experiencing a lot of fake or spam email signups on their list will wonder if they can verify someone’s email is real. After all, high bounce rates can have many negative impacts on your engagement and sender reputation, which will hurt the profitability of your email marketing efforts. Whether it’s an email address checker or an IP address lookup, achieving a list of valid email addresses is possible.

In this article, we’ll review email verification options and how an email address verification tool may be able to help. Stick around for all the information. 

Is There A Way To Verify Someone’s Email?

Email service providers offer a whole suite of tools to help make communication easier. But, they aren’t great at verifying email addresses or checking for invalid addresses. Email verification tools, which may also be referred to as email validation software, will help you verify someone’s email. These software programs are able to perform numerous automatic processes to ensure everyone on your list is using a real email address and has access to that inbox. It’s the first step in building a list of highly engaged subscribers. 

Read on to learn which email verification service is right for you and how you can validate email addresses with ease.

How Do You Verify Emails and Check for Invalid Email Addresses? 

When you use email verification tools, you’ll typically see two options. There are tools that help with initial verifications and others that will help you perform bulk verifications. 

The standard initial verification is when you send a new subscriber a link or code that they must click or input upon signing up for your list. If they can perform that process, it shows they have access to the inbox of the email address they listed, and the email verification software will successfully add them to your list. 

Can You Validate An Email Address Without Sending An Email?

While the standard verification works, some email marketers wonder if there are options that don’t require you to send an email. This is often due to concerns about racking up too many bounces on your business domain or simply having it be an inconvenience to subscribers. Fortunately, you do have a couple of options for this. 

How To Verify Email Address Without Sending Emails

One of the solutions available through our insight software at AudiencePoint is performing an initial verification without sending an email. This works by performing an API call right away when someone fills out your signup form. It’s a process that pulls data immediately to determine if that listed email address is active or not. 

We also offer a bulk email checker option that can be performed without sending any content to subscribers. This is great when you have an established list that you’ve never verified. Our insight software will perform a complete scan, perform checks on previous subscriber activity, and use second-party data to help you clean up your list and suppress any dormant subscribers. 

Both of these processes are quick. They’ll provide results right away while making it easy to manage so you can focus on other important tasks involved in running your business. 

How Do You Verify Emails and Check for Invalid Email Addresses_

Is There A Website To Verify Email Addresses?

Rather than going a software route, some may also wonder if there’s a quick website where they can go to verify emails are valid addresses. This is often common when looking for free email validation tools. There are websites available for this, but they have their limitations. 

Websites That Verify an Email Address for Free

Some popular email bounce checker websites that will verify email addresses for free are Bulk Email Checker and ZeroBounce. 

How To Verify Email Address Online With These Options 

Both of these options operate similarly in that they allow you to input emails one at a time on their website, and then they run checks to determine whether those accounts are active. 

It’s a fairly easy process, but since you’re limited to checking one at a time, it’s not scalable if you need to verify thousands of emails on your list. 

Websites That Verify an Email Address for Free

Can You Reverse Look Up An Email Address?

Some may also wonder about doing a reverse lookup on emails. Usually, this would involve typing the email address in question in a Google search to see if it comes up attached to the account holder’s name. 

While this could seem like a good free method, it’s not the most accurate solution. Having an email not show up via Google search doesn’t prove that it isn’t real and active. Plus, it would take a lot of time to do this method one by one for your whole list. 

Can You Trace A Gmail Account?

Many email marketers also want to verify Gmail address exists before adding it to their list. This is often because Gmail addresses can be faked easily since it’s a popular free email provider. However, there is really no way to trace a Gmail account to a specific person. 

The best solution would be using a more complex verification solution like our insight software at AudiencePoint. We can use aspects like second-party data and in-depth insights into subscriber activity to give you accurate results. Our insight software has helped many companies suppress dormant Gmail accounts on their list to improve deliverability. 

How AudiencePoint Can Help Improve Your Sender Reputation and More

Any marketer looking for an email verification and engagement solution will benefit from our email insight software at AudiencePoint. It’s an easy solution that uses actionable results that you can implement right away in your current email strategy. 

When you use AudiencePoint, you not only get accurate verification to keep your list clean, but we’ll also help you maintain high engagement rates long-term. Engagement solutions our insight software provides are:

  • Optimizing send times
  • Getting accurate metrics in real-time, including isolating Apple MPP opens
  • Identifying and re-engaging inactive subscribers
  • Helping segment your list

All these solutions are actionable and easy to implement, taking work off of your plate. Reduce your spam complaints, and increase your effectiveness when you send emails to verified email addresses.

Contact us today to learn how AudiencePoint can help you.