AudiencePoint Launches Advanced Machine Learning and AI Solutions for Enhanced Email Marketing

Jun 05, 2024


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AudiencePoint launches advanced AI-powered email marketing solutions, including Forest AI, to optimize email deliverability and engagement based on predictive customer behavior insights. This new technology empowers digital marketers with data-driven decision-making tools to maximize campaign performance and ROI.

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., June 5, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — AudiencePoint, a leader in innovative email marketing solutions, proudly announces the launch of its advanced Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions designed to revolutionize email marketing strategies. This groundbreaking technology empowers digital marketers with predictive and actionable customer behavioral insights to maximize deliverability and engagement.

“We are thrilled to introduce our innovative Forest AI to the market,” said Andy Perez, CEO of AudiencePoint. “Our new algorithm has significantly better predictive power, meaning it more accurately forecasts who will respond to your messaging. This marks a significant expansion in our mission to provide the best data and insights, empowering digital marketers to delight their customers and increase their conversion results.”

The core of this innovation is the Forest AI Engine, which includes the Spruce Model, known for its effective use in Email Engagement Optimization (EEO), and ListFit, the only tool that delivers customer email inbox behaviors.

“Our new algorithm has significantly better predictive power, meaning it more accurately forecasts who will respond to your messaging.”

– Andy Perez, CEO of AudiencePoint

Future models include Oak and Eucalyptus, which are currently in development and will provide innovative scoring around the accuracy and predictability of customer engagement that will allow marketers to ensure that their marketing campaigns are delivered to the right person at the right time. Additionally, the new model offers unparalleled flexibility, enabling customers to choose which inputs and models best suit their unique needs and goals.

Key Features and Benefits:

1. Enhanced Decision-Making:

Predictive Analysis: Leverages 700M+ historical email address data from 160+ enterprise partners to forecast future patterns and inform strategic decisions.

Anomaly Detection: Proactively spots and addresses unexpected opportunities and issues in email lists.

2. Improved Campaign Performance:

Optimize Send Times: Determines when the customer is most likely to be receptive to your message based on real human engagement across the customer base.

Personalize Engagement: Tailors content to each individual based on past interactions, enhancing user experience.

3. Increased ROI:

Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) Modeling: Identifies and prioritizes high-value segments to maximize marketing efforts.

Churn Prediction: Proactively identifies signs of decreasing engagement so marketers can specifically address and retain customers.

4. Robust Data Management:

Historical Data Analysis: Utilizes long-term data and weights it appropriately for deeper, more accurate insights into consumer behavior.

Data Decay Analysis: Maintains data hygiene and implements effective refresh strategies.

Customer Benefits:

Accurate Predictions: Enables precise forecasting of customer behavior, improving marketing effectiveness.

Enhanced Targeting: Allows for more personalized and impactful marketing campaigns.

Compliance and Data Quality: Ensures high data accuracy and adherence to privacy regulations.

Customizable Solutions: Offers the flexibility to select inputs and models that align with specific marketing needs and objectives.

About AudiencePoint:

AudiencePoint is dedicated to unlocking revenue for digital marketers through predictive and actionable customer engagement insights. Powered by data from over 160 enterprise senders and analysis of over 2 billion inboxes over the last 10 years, AudiencePoint’s solutions provide unparalleled accuracy and effectiveness in email marketing.

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