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What Is The Best Time To Send An Email On Monday?

Aug 22, 2023


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An increasing amount of email marketers are realizing the impact time of day can have on key engagement metrics. The time consumers engage most can vary on different days of the week. So if you’re planning to send some important content on Monday, you may wonder what time would work best. This article will answer that question in detail. 

What Is The Best Time To Send Emails On Monday?

An increasing amount of email marketers are realizing the impact time of day can have on key engagement metrics. The time consumers engage most can vary on different days of the week. So if you’re planning to send some important content on Monday, you may wonder what time would work best to send an email.

This article will answer that question in detail. Along with that, we’ll outline:

  • General best times and days to send email marketing content. 
  • Different situations that can affect which days and times you choose to email. 
  • Why the time of day is important for email marketing. 

There’s a lot to break down here. By the end, you’ll have a better idea of how to plan your email strategy for optimal send times. Keep reading to get all the information. 

What Is The Best Time To Send Marketing Emails?

Before getting into specific days of the week, you’ll want to know the general best time to send marketing emails. Plenty of studies have been done on this topic. They’ve found that between 9am-3pm is the overall best time range to send email content. 

These times during the middle of the day work well because it’s when most people are very active going about their daily routines. Whether it’s notifications, work emails, or personal emails, we all get a lot of content sent to our inboxes during these times. So it’s a prime time to reach consumers when they’re most likely to be active. 

Even on the weekends or days off, many people are likely to engage during the middle of the day. It’s when many of us have the highest energy levels. 

What Is The Best Time To Send An Email On Monday?

If you’re thinking about sending an email on Monday specifically, you may wonder what the best time to send new content will be. 

Monday is an interesting situation, since it’s many people’s first day back to work after the weekend. Due to that, it can take a bit longer to feel primed to engage with email content on Mondays. So emailing in the afternoon between 12pm-3pm may be the best bet. It’ll help reach your subscribers once they’ve gotten more settled into the flow of their day. 

What Is The Best Day Of The Week To Send Email Marketing Content?

Now that we’ve covered the initial question of the optimal send time on Monday, you may also wonder which day of the week is best to send email marketing content. Engagement rates can fluctuate depending on the day, so this is an important question. 

Studies on email engagement on different days of the week have shown that the middle of the week is best. That makes Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday the best days to send emails and get good engagement rates. 

The Best Days And Times To Send Emails Can Vary

The middle of the week is often the best to send emails, but it can vary. The data on this topic was collected from consumers across industries. So while it provides a reasonable estimate for the average person, it won’t apply to every email subscriber. Your best bet is to have exact data on how your audience engages with content. 

If you’re looking for a good option to get that data, AudiencePoint can help. AudiencePoint has a tool called Send Time Optimization (STO). Our STO tool uses data from a large-second party pool to give you information about when your subscribers are interacting with their inboxes. This helps you decide the best times to send your email campaigns from day one, with no extensive testing needed. This also eliminates the bias that can happen when you’re only relying on your own data.

There isn’t any guesswork or hassle with STO, just actionable insights that make planning your email strategy easy. 

Is It Better To Send An Email On Friday Or Monday For A Response?

You may also wonder if sending an email on Friday or Monday will be a better option to get a response. Typically, Monday will be the best option. 

Monday works better because it is the start of a new week for many people. So if you send in that optimal time range on Monday from 12pm-3pm, there’s a good chance recipients will have the energy to respond. 

Engagement rates are usually lower on Fridays, since it is the day before the weekend. It’s natural to have lower energy at the end of the week, and consumers may start to check out a bit. This means the number of people looking at their email inboxes decreases significantly. 

Is Friday A Good Day To Send An Email?

From the reasons mentioned above, you can probably tell that Friday isn’t the best day to send marketing emails. If people are checking out and not looking at inboxes as much, there’s a good chance they won’t see your content. So emailing on a different day of the week, if possible, would likely be a better choice. 

Although, sending emails on Friday is better than over the weekend. Average engagement rates are the worst on Saturday and Sunday. If you need to send an email during those few days, Friday would be your better bet. 

Is Monday A Good Day To Send An Email?

Monday can be a good day to send emails, but it isn’t the best compared to other days of the week. It is the beginning of the week when consumer energy levels are highest. 

However, there is the adjustment period on Monday, when people are just getting back into things after the weekend. It leads to Monday having a lower average engagement than Tuesday-Thursday. 

Is It Better To Send An Email On Sunday Or Monday For A Response?

Since it takes people time to get going into their day on Monday, some may wonder if Sunday would be a better day to email or if Monday would still get better response rates. 

Overall, Monday will be your better option here. Sunday can also see a lull in email engagement, especially as it gets later in the day. Many people start preparing for their next work week or are simply busy doing other things where they aren’t checking email inboxes as much. 

Should You Send Marketing Emails On The Weekend?

As you can tell, it’s probably not the best idea to send emails on the weekend in most cases. It just won’t set you up for the greatest chances of success. 

That said, it can work in some instances. One prime example is if your subscribers engage a lot on the weekend. This would be common in those who work a lot of weekends, like real estate agents or those who work in the retail industry, for example. 

That’s why knowing data about your audience and how they engage is important. It helps set you up to succeed in reaching your target market at the best possible time. 

Why Is Time Of Day Important When Sending An Email?

Knowing all this information, you may wonder why email send time matters and how it can have such a big impact on engagement rates. Time of day matters when sending an email for a few primary reasons. Those reasons are:

  • How inboxes display emails: Email inbox providers display emails in order of recency. So the most recent content appears at the top. If you can send emails when someone is most likely to engage, there’s a better chance subscribers see your email further up on their list and open it. 
  • Stand out from competitors: A big part of marketing is name recognition. The more often consumers see your brand name and read content that offers value from you, the better. There’s a lot of clutter in email inboxes, so putting your emails higher up in inboxes and having a better chance that subscribers see your emails helps immensely. 
  • More consistent engagement: If you can consistently send at the right time, there’s a much better chance that your content will have good, steady engagement rates. This helps a lot in reducing things like bounce rate. Higher bounce rates can occur when engagement is too low for an extended period of time. 

Overall, sending emails at the right time helps a lot. It sets you up for the best possible chance of success. If you consistently target the right times of day, your engagement will be better, subscribers will be happier, and you’ll outperform the competition. If you’d like help finding the right time to send marketing emails, AudiencePoint is an excellent option. 

How Audiencepoint Can Help With Your Email Marketing

AudiencePoint offers email insight software that can help you optimize send times and boost engagement rates. 

As mentioned earlier in this article, AudiencePoint’s Send Time Optimization is a great tool. It will tell you the best time to send for each individual subscriber on your email list and let you email them all in a single send. Our industry leading second party data pool allows us to provide data driven insights into when you should be sending to your subscribers.

One of the most important things to account for is Apple MPP opens. Apple MPP has affected open rate metrics, which can also skew recommended send times and data from analytics software. However, AudiencePoint’s Send Time Optimization can help with that by identifying and isolating Apple MPP opens from reporting. It’ll help you get a more accurate estimate of when subscribers engage. 

In addition to STO, AudiencePoint has tools called Real Time Optimization and ListFit. Those tools help:

  • Get metrics and insights in real time after sending new content. 
  • Accurately identify inactive subscribers. 
  • Segment your email list effectively. 
  • Identify strategies to boost engagement rates. 

All these benefits and more make AudiencePoint a great way to optimize your email campaigns. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more. We’re here to answer any other questions you may have.