Why you need Send Time Optimization AI

Jun 27, 2018

Paul Shriner

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Where does AudiencePoint fit?

AudiencePoint perfected STO and continues to innovate on it. As the largest third-party data pool on email activity, we are unique in from the total volume of data sources and data points associated to each profile.  From the inception, AudiencePoint saw the value of data and the critical importance of anonymizing and securing it. While other email service providers and brands were slamming out feature after feature so that their salespeople could check boxes on RFPs, our team meticulously collected more than two billion email profiles and associated data that serves as the backbone of our anonymized data pool which powers our Send Time Optimization AI program.

The history of Send Time Optimization

One of the earliest and most advanced Send Time Optimization (STO) technologies belongs to AudiencePoint. Its founders needed a better way to effectively email and engage people so they did something about it. The goal was to anticipate when people would be online and tailor the send time to when that person would be most likely to open the message. All of the tools and associated data needed were available i.e. tracking pixels and link-wrapping; it just took the vision to build it.

Why does STO look different?

STO is now considered an email marketing “best-practice” and appears on many RFPs as a requirement. Because there is no governing body, each proposal can determine their own definition of STO. This creates confusion.

The landscape is changing

As more and more organizations claim to be working on timing or “STO” the need for a more accurate norm in terminology emerges. Send Time Optimization AI nomenclature captures that functionality:

Why Send Time Optimization AI is better?

Send Time Optimization has evolved over its product lifetime. To be considered Send Time Optimization AI, it needs to reflect the following:

  • Secure & Private
    All data should be obfuscated and secured in Tier IV data centers.
  • Operational simplicity
    The application UX must be simple to set up and use.
  • Utilizes additional data sources
    A subscriber’s profile should have access to rich data sources to create a dynamic and updated cooperative view of the persona
  • Built for scale
    The time it takes to import should be predictable based on the number of subscribers that are being imported.  There should be no limits on the size for enterprise marketing.
  • Stable
    99.9% uptime should be a defining characteristic of the technology.
  • Fast imports
    All data should be pre-scored and leverage every technology to continually accelerate the process with little disruption to normal business operation
  • Advance AI data-decisioning
    Data has many dimensions to it and should align with the goals of the marketer. Dynamic Algorithms need to be employed in its machine learning allowing for the most updated and most accurate picture of the persona and their individual habits.

What benefits will you experience?

Better data, richer algorithms and machine learning lead to the highest performing optimization technology in the industry.

  • Improved engagement
    Customers report sustained, powerful impact with Send Time Optimization AI
  • Better deliverability
    By releasing fewer messages at a single point in time, the mailbox providers give more favorable deliverability to Send Time Optimized messages.
  • Reducing pressure on MTAs
    Send time optimized messages distribute a deployment across many hours. It creates a more predictable load on the MTA and give messages with higher engagement greater priority.

In the battle to reach the right person at the right place and the right time,  Send Time Optimization is the clear solution to address the when. AudiencePoint’s STO is unique in its approach and is recognized as the clear leader and innovator in the space.  It’s datapool and machine learning AI allows to treat every subscriber as an individual, allowing to deliver a message when that person most wants it, increasing the engagement and potential revenue generated.  

Simply the most advanced feature set, enterprise capability and operational efficiency on the market!
– Jason Hannawalt, Microsoft, Sr. Digital Marketing Program Manager,Consumer Database Marketing