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Email List Checker

Jul 21, 2023

AudiencePoint Team

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You’ve taken a great first step by starting an email list. It’s an excellent investment for businesses since email marketing is the highest ROI digital marketing strategy. However, now you’ve run into one of the common hurdles many email marketers want to know, how to verify email lists. Is an email address verification tool the answer?

Don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place. This article will cover what you need to know about how to verify your email list and where an email list checker comes into play in that process. Keep reading for all the details. 

Is There a Tool to Check Whether an Email Address Exists?

In figuring out how to verify if an email address is real or fake, many will want to know if there is a specific tool you can use to make the email verification process easier. Fortunately, there are several tools you can use in this process. 

These tools may be called email list checkers, email verification tools, or email validation tools. Whatever name they’re referred to by, they are a beneficial tool to build a healthy and active list of email subscribers. 

Is There a Way to Verify an Email?

You’ve had some email list signups, or you’re preparing beforehand. Now you’re probably wondering, how do you go about verifying them? 

The best practice is to verify emails during the signup process for your email list. This is usually done using the email list checker or email verification tool. 

The most straightforward method would be having the tool automatically email a code or button to the email the customer used when they signed up. If they successfully enter the code or click the button, you know that they have access to that email address. 

You may also come across other manual methods to verify email addresses. Some include IP address lookups, server pings, DNS checks, or manually going through usernames and syntaxes to check for signs of spam or spelling errors. 

However, all these methods can be very technical or time-consuming. Therefore, busy business owners or marketers are better off using an automated email verification tool. 

What Is an Email Checker Verify Email Addresses?

An email checker is simply a software program that is designed to automate the process of verifying emails added to your list. It’s a nice safeguard to automatically prevent fake emails from slipping through the cracks. If someone doesn’t pass the verification method, they aren’t added to your list, and you don’t have to worry about it. 

How Do I Validate a List of Email Addresses?

The next part many marketers wonder about is how to validate an already established email list. This is common for many unaware of the best practices when building a list. Fortunately, you have several options. 

How to Check If Bulk Email Is Valid or Not

The best way to check the validity of email addresses on your bulk email list is by using a bulk email verification tool or an insight software that helps you assess information about your audience to determine which email addresses are real and active and which must be suppressed. 

Bulk email verification tools typically go through several checks and processes automatically to verify the data about each email on your list. They’ll go through syntax spellings, usernames with common spam words, IP addresses, SMTP checks, DNS checks, and more. This is done quickly in the background and often takes seconds or minutes. 

AudiencePoint’s email insight software can also help in this process. Many businesses have successfully used AudiencePoint to suppress dormant email addresses on their list and check email deliverability. 

What stands out about AudiencePoint over other options is the immense insights you get about subscriber activity and the use of second-party data. 

With AudiencePoint, you get all the intricate details about when subscribers were last actively engaged with their inbox, how they engage, and what the best strategy is as far as when to re-engage them or remove them from your list. It makes the entire process easy since you get detailed insights into exactly what your next move should be. 

What Happens If You Don’t Verify Email?

Many email marketers wonder if the investment in tools and their time is worth it to remove fake email addresses from their list. After all, what’s the harm in sending emails to accounts that aren’t real? There’s a lot of harm in it, and it can drastically impact the success of your email marketing efforts. 

When you send bulk email newsletters or promotions with low deliverability rates (lots of bounces, landing in spam folders, etc.), it triggers spam detectors from email inbox providers like Yahoo and Gmail. Suddenly, your emails can start bouncing and automatically going to spam folders more often, even to subscribers with active and real email addresses on your list. 

This will have a significant impact on your engagement rates since your subscribers may need to see your emails in the first place. It usually has a compounding effect over time that can be hard to recover from when it gets out of hand. That’s why regular monitoring of your list with insight software like AudiencePoint is so crucial. 

How AudiencePoint Can Help

AudiencePoint is an email insight software designed to help email marketers get the most out of their email campaigns. 

As mentioned in this article, AudiencePoint can do a lot to verify emails on your list are real and active and suppress ones that aren’t to improve your deliverability. 

We also offer tools that provide insights in real-time and help you optimize send times, among other benefits, to improve your engagement and results from email marketing even further. 

Contact us today to learn more about how AudiencePoint can help you.