do I need a bulk email cleaner

Do I Need a Bulk Email Cleaner?

Nov 10, 2023

AudiencePoint Team

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Marketers looking into email address verification tools and solutions will often run into the term bulk email cleaner and wonder what it is and if it’s a necessary part of maintaining a healthy email list or has to do with their email service providers. 

In this article, we’ll break down the process of building a clean email list, if a bulk email cleaner is needed, email verification services, and the best email list cleaners available. Keep reading for all the details. 

Is It Possible To Clean Up Email to Find Valid Email Addresses and Invalid Email Addresses?

First off, if you’re wondering if it’s possible to clean up an email list that’s had a lot of bounces and problems with deliverability, there are solutions available that can help. An email validation, email cleaning, or email bounce checker service can help identify bounced email addresses, invalid addresses and other issues with your list.

Using a bulk email cleaner can also be a good place to start, as well as implementing email marketing best practices like continuously offering valuable content and sending at the right time of day and frequencies that will keep your audience engaged. 

How Do I Keep My Email List Clean and Avoid Spam Complaints?

Keeping your email list clean and full of active and engaged subscribers requires many steps. 

First, doing an initial email confirmation whenever new subscribers sign up for your list is a great start. Many popular email platforms that you may already use to manage your list, like Mailchimp and Brevo, can help with this. It involves sending a confirmation code or button to the new subscriber’s email address that they must input or press to confirm they have access to that inbox. You can also use a bulk email list cleaner to verify new collected emails in real time by connecting to your collection forms.

Once you’ve completed the initial verification, the work isn’t done there. After all, many who subscribe and have access to an inbox may still not actively engage with content or could even change the email address they use later on while still being subscribed to your list. That means it’s important to keep tabs on your list continuously for the long term. 

Is There A Quick Way To Clean Up Emails and Remove Duplicate Email Addresses?

To keep tabs on your list and clean it up, you’re probably wondering about a quick solution to help with those needs, like an email list cleaning service. A bulk email list cleaner will help with this. Bulk cleaners, also known as bulk email verification tools, are capable of running several checks in the background that help verify all the subscribers on your list are real and active. 

How Can I Clean Up My Email List For Free?

Now, you’re probably wondering if you can clean your email list for free. You can, to an extent. That said, it’s important to understand that free options have their limitations. 

As far as email list cleaners, you can find some free email list cleaning tools that are fairly reliable at removing fake email addresses. Unfortunately, free list cleaning solutions are generally significantly more painful to use than more premium options. 

Manual email verification solutions can also help. For instance, sending an email to the subscriber in question through an email that’s different than your primary business email address to see if it bounces or checking for usernames that look spammy or have misspelled syntaxes. However, these processes are very tedious and time-consuming. 

Is There A Free Email Cleaner?

There are free email cleaners available. Those looking for the best free bulk email list cleaner often find JitBit and AbstractAPI to be good options. 

However, it’s important to note that a free bulk email list cleaner will have its limitations. Free cleaners only do limited checks to verify the emails on your list. They also don’t have all the data about how your audience is engaging to give you good information on aspects like identifying dormant email addresses. 

Going with a premium solution is often a better choice when looking for the best email cleaner. Most high quality list cleaning solutions will allow you to verify new email addresses as they signup in real time. 

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How Much Does It Cost To Clean An Email List?

The cost of an email list cleaner can vary quite a bit depending on the tool you choose. On average email list cleaning services prices tend to vary from $10-150 for a list that’s between 1,000 to 10,000 subscribers. And lists that are larger than 10,000 subscribers will often cost more to get them cleaned with premium tools. 

That said, while premium tools do have higher costs, they’re usually worth it to get the best results. Think about how much more revenue you’ll be able to generate when you improve your inbox placement and prevent emails from going to spam by keeping a clean and engaged list. 

How Often Should You Clean Up Your Email List?

To maintain a good sender reputation, most email marketers will see the best results from cleaning their list at least once a month. You want to stay on top of email verification as much as possible when you’re continuously adding new subscribers and since old subscribers can become dormant or delete old email accounts. 

Do I Need A Bulk Email Cleaner?

Finally, to wrap things up, if you’re wondering if you really need a bulk email cleaner, that answer is a resounding yes. The vast majority of email marketers will benefit from an email cleaning solution. 

It’s the most efficient way to do it and will boost your revenue-generation potential by reducing bounce rates and ensuring you’re only emailing an active audience who wants to hear from you. 

If you’re looking for a premium email verification and engagement-boosting solution, AudiencePoint can help. 

How AudiencePoint Can Help with Email Verification Service

AudiencePoint offers email insight software that provides actionable recommendations about how you can improve your email marketing strategy. 

Our tools at AudiencePoint provide a unique email verification and cleaning solution from other options. We use a combination of second-party data and analysis of how your audience engages with content to provide you with more accurate results. It even allows us to identify and suppress dormant emails, which many other bulk email cleaners can’t. 

On top of verification, you can also use AudiencePoint to boost your engagement, further helping you maintain a clean and active list. Our insight software will provide you with data in real-time to improve send times, segment your list, re-engage inactive subscribers, and more. 

If AudiencePoint sounds right for your needs, contact us today to learn more.