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Dec 14, 2022


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If you want to run a successful email marketing campaign, you should be using email marketing tools. Email marketing tools and software make it easy to set up and manage all the aspects of an email campaign. This article will cover why email marketing software is important and the best tools to improve your email campaigns

Why Email Marketing Software Is Important

Email marketing software makes running email campaigns more efficient and helps you optimize your emails to get the best results. There are several ways email software helps with this, including:

  • Reduced workload: Email marketing software helps take work off your plate by streamlining the entire process of setting up an email list and quickly sending content to your subscribers. 
  • Automation: Many email software tools offer automation options so you can automate parts of the email marketing process. Automation is great for managing sales funnels, sending timed reminders to your customers, and scheduling email newsletters to be sent out at a specific time. 
  • Insights: Email marketing software will help you track data and gain valuable insights based on the results of your email marketing campaigns. You can use data tracked by email marketing tools to see what areas of your emails are working and where you could improve. 
  • Segmentation: Email marketing software can help you easily segment parts of your email list to send them specific content. Email segmentation is an excellent way to increase engagement by sending targeted content to specific subscribers. 
  • Integration: Many email marketing tools can be integrated with other email or business software. Integration of email marketing tools provides a complete set of resources to help you create successful email campaigns. 

All these reasons make email marketing software an essential part of any business’s email marketing strategy. 

What Are the Best Email Marketing Tools?

Many tools can help you manage your email campaigns. Some of the best email marketing tools that we recommend are:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The Salesforce marketing cloud creates integrated solutions for companies to manage customer journeys. These solutions include social media, advertising, content creation, web personalization, and email marketing

Zeta Interactive

Zeta Interacive’s Zeta Marketing Platform is currently the largest omni-channel marketing platform based on identity data. This tool looks at billions of data points to help you predict customer intent and personalize customer experiences, including emails.


Klaviyo is a growth marketing platform that enables marketers to create more personalized customer experiences in marketing channels such as email.


MessageGears allows marketers to use data from any format in real-time to personalize marketing messages to customers at a large scale that is difficult for any other email providers to achieve.

Netcore Cloud 

A globally recognizable SaaS company, Netcore Cloud offers a full-stack of cutting edge MarTech solutions that enable marketers to create AI-powered intelligent customer experiences.

These are all tools that integrate easily with AudiencePoint, making it simple for you to gain its benefits without having to jump between tools.

A few other popular marketing tools include:


Mailchimp is a popular free email marketing tool. Mailchimp helps you build an email list, create and send marketing emails, automate email campaigns, and track essential email metrics. All of these features can be used through a free account on Mailchimp’s platform. 


Sendinblue is an email marketing software that specializes in helping you design emails that will stand out when your email subscribers open them. After you design emails in Sendinblue, you can set up email automation and segment your subscribers for targeted email campaigns. 


ConvertKit is a popular tool for building email lists. ConvertKit can help you set up email signup forms that you can use on your website. After someone signs up through your ConvertKit form, you can integrate email automation and powerful sales funnels that lead to effective email marketing. 


ActiveCampaign is a customer experience automation tool. ActiveCampaign can help with email marketing by helping you set up email automation for different parts of the buyer journey. ActiveCampaign offers many email automation templates that you can easily integrate with the rest of your email marketing strategy. 


GreenArrow is one of the most popular tools for bulk marketing emails. Big businesses with large email lists will benefit from using GreenArrow to increase email deliverability. GreenArrow can send up to 8 million emails in an hour from a single server. The sending power offered by GreenArrow helps ensure emails land in inboxes and get seen by your subscribers. 

How AudiencePoint Helps Make Email Marketing Easier by Integrating with Email Marketing Software

AudiencePoint takes the confusion out of email marketing by compiling all the important data from your email campaigns and giving you actionable ways to improve your email marketing strategy. Even better, AudiencePoint can quickly and easily be integrated to ANY of the email software solutions listed above. Integration with all these tools gives you many great options to create successful email marketing campaigns, all while getting valuable insights from AudiencePoint.  

AudiencePoint’s email insight software takes the guesswork out of email marketing, so you can make the right decisions at the right times. Here are a few of the benefits. 

Quick Data Collection

AudiencePoint’s software tracks data from your marketing emails to provide useful insight about open rates, click through rates, etc. With this information you can quickly optimize your campaigns. 

Send Time Optimization

Along with tracking data, AudiencePoint’s email insight software can learn about the activity of email subscribers and send your emails when they are most likely to check their inboxes or when they’re most likely to convert. 

Most people receive hundreds of emails a day. Sending emails at the right time when subscribers are checking their inboxes will make your emails stand out.


ListFit from AudiencePoint is one of the smartest ways to learn about your email subscribers and how they engage with your content. ListFit provides insights on email subscriber activity. Data from ListFit helps you know when subscribers are most likely to convert, when subscribers have become inactive, and helps identify Apple MPP opens. All this information can have many benefits for your email campaigns. 

ListFit Helps You Send Targeted Emails That Lead to Conversions

Email marketing is a powerful way to nurture leads and take email subscribers through a well-designed sales funnel. ListFit will identify when subscribers are most likely to convert and can help you send targeted email content to encourage specific subscribers to take action. This leads to higher close rates from sales funnels and increased revenue from your email marketing efforts. 

ListFit Leads to Effective Re-Engagement Campaigns

At times, some of your email subscribers will become inactive. When this happens, it’s important to re-engage them as soon as possible, since low open rates can lead to emails being marked as spam or being bounced. ListFit will help you identify inactive email subscribers and give you insights on how to effectively design a re-engagement campaign that meets those specific subscribers’ needs or decide when to remove them from your email list.

ListFit Identifies Apple MPP Opens

Apple’s new mail privacy protection (MPP) has impacted the relevance of the open rate metric. MPP causes emails sent to the mail app on Apple devices to be opened in Apple proxy servers before landing in a recipient’s inbox. This inflates open rates when they are tracked in email analytics tools. 

However, ListFit offers a solution to this issue. ListFit helps identify Apple MPP opens and accounts for them in reports. This helps provide you with accurate metrics to make educated decisions about your email marketing strategy. 

Get Started with AudiencePoint

If you think AudiencePoint’s email insight software would benefit your business, we can help you get started. Contact us today for more information about how AudiencePoint can help you. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.