Maximizing your Email Engagement During the Busiest time of the Year: The AudiencePoint Holiday Guide

Oct 25, 2022


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Paul Shriner and Skip Fidura discuss how email marketers can maximize their email engagement to overcome the headwinds from the pandemic, supply chain issues, and economic conditions using the AudiencePoint Email Engagement Playbook. They cover how to take advantage of your first-part email and e-commerce data to identify which subscribers to reactivate and grow your active list during the busiest time of the year.

Reactivation is one of the most efficient ways to grow your list size. AudiencePoint gives you more robust insights than just using your first party data alone. Maximizing your email marketing depends on accurate actionable data.

AudiencePoint’s ListFit lets you see how your subscribers are engaging with their other marketing emails. AudiencePoint’s second party data pool holds over 22 terabytes of email engagement data. It captures over 88 trillion engagement events from over 150+ B2B and B2C brands.